Automate Your Purchase Order Process

Automate your purchase order process with the best workflow software in town. Workflow kept simple, made smart - finally!

Unified Home Screen

The Action center of KiSSFLOW. From here, you can initiate your Process Requests, see all your Initiated Items, see Items that need your Action & provide Approvals quickly and easily.


Need to track Process Perforamce? Monitor KPI's? It's a breeze with our dynamically generated Process Reports. Easily track bottle necks in your Workflow and monitor Process Efficiency.


Use our Integration API's, WebHooks and our Zapier End Point to integrate with your favorite Cloud Based Applications in realtime.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Apart from your favorite Browser, KiSSFLOW is available for Android & iPhone. You can also install KiSSFLOW on your Chrome Browser or from Google Apps Marketplace.

"KiSSFLOW has allowed us to streamline and dictate our processes to teams resulting in the removal of manual tracking and overall stronger efficiency."

Jessica Bailey


"Thanks for helping us improve our Global Incentives and reducing the time and errors we may have encountered in our previous method. Our many international nominees are thankful for the improvement in our total processing time!"

Brian Trier


"As an organisation, the word KiSSFLOW is now synonymous with quality and staff of all levels have embraced the platform and all speak highly of it."

Craig Buck

Warwickshire College Group

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