10 Best Trello Alternatives for Project Management

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Trello is a powerful Kanban tool that allows users to collaborate and work together from anywhere in the globe. The easy-to-understand UI and countless additional features of Trello have made kanban board software extremely popular among individuals and corporations alike. The fact that the basic version of this App is absolutely free also helps it in maintaining its popularity to manage projects.

However, like all free project management tools, Trello has some significant issues like limited functionality and inefficient processes. If you want the best project management software that is something more than just appealing visual board views or some who hasn’t decided which project software to select, it is time to look for a powerful Trello alternative.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Trello alternatives that can help your team in implementing the Kanban board more effectively and efficiently.

Top 10 Best Trello Alternatives to Handle Project Management

Here are the top Trello alternatives for project management that you can use to scale up your projects.

1. Workzone

This online collaboration tool is designed to help teams work together easily. It provides the necessary information about the state of the project to all the users. Workzone is one of the first collaborative tools ever built that provides project management services with extreme details.

Through Gantt Charts and other graphs, users can track the project’s progress and know details like assigned task lists, responsibilities, and dependencies with a single click.

2. Kissflow Project

Kissflow Project is perhaps the most powerful project management software you can use as a Trello alternative. It offers unlimited flexibility along with drag and drop functionality and different customization options. Users are completely free to design their own workflow or use the unlimited templates available. Kissflow Project offers unlimited team collaboration options to the users and allows integration with external applications.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of Kissflow Project is the simplicity of its interface. The project management tool is specifically designed for professionals who are not accustomed to project management methodologies but are somehow involved in it. Its simple graphical illustrations also allow new team members to understand the project’s progress in a short time.

Kissflow Project also has an excellent customer support department that works continuously to ensure that your experience remains uninterrupted. Its intuitive project management features along with a simple learning curve ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

3. Podio

Podio is a collaborative tool that emphasizes speed and effective communication between team members. The software is extremely fast to configure and has versatile usage.

The easier integration of Podio with other external applications allows the project’s progress and other factors to be shared easily with the external users.

4. Wrike

This Trello alternative is stuffed with several exciting features that can be used for efficient project management. The application comes with several visual features that can keep users updated with the project’s progress in real-time. With Wrike, managers can also prioritize project tasks over others and meet certain deadlines.

The flexibility offered by Wrike is unmatched and the application’s easier integration with other applications is another factor that makes Wrike a powerful project management software.

5. Asana

Asana is one of the most popular workflow applications that focuses on providing the best interactive experience to the users. It allows users to divide tasks into different categories and assign them to the team members.

The project management software also allows the users to link their personal emails to the application which means that they are always connected.

6. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is perhaps the most detailed Trello alternative in this list. It is designed for project managers who are experts in their fields. From Agile methodologies to traditional project management principles, LiquidPlanner can handle everything.

There is however a significant drawback of using LiquidPlanner. It requires a degree of training to master and accommodating a new team member is harder.

7. Clarizen

This innovative project management tool is designed for an efficient team management process to collaborate regularly. Clarizen supports both modern and traditional project management methodologies and allows the users to customize their workflow in accordance with their needs.

It is however not suited for multitasking as the UI does not allow users to simultaneously handle many projects.

8. Monday.com

Monday.com is an easy-to-use project management platform that puts an emphasis on effective project management and cross-platform availability. The UI is designed to accommodate users of all platforms without any problems.

The platform is however designed for simple users to plan their projects perfectly, but advanced users find many glitches in the design.

9. Basecamp

Basecamp is innovatively designed Trello alternative to simplify a project stream for effective collaborations and file transfer. Different tasks can be easily assigned to members and their progress can be easily tracked.

There are, however, multiple problems associated with the design of the website’s interface that become more prominent in more complex projects.

10. Zenkit

Zenkit is a lightweight and powerful Kanban tool that can become a great free Trello alternative. The software is defined by the unlimited functionality it offers.

Users are free to add or delete the fields they want and the mind map option is another feature that distinguishes Zenkit from other available programs.

So which one to choose as an alternative to Trello

We all love Trello, and it’s often a gateway for people to start getting serious about project management. But there always comes a time when you need to level up and find a solution that works better for you.

The best Trello alternative is the one that you use and meets your needs. Try out Kissflow Project for free today and see where it can take you.