7 Best Task Management Apps to Boost Productivity

Neil Miller

Neil Miller

Task Management

If your job involves doing more than one thing, you’re probably doing some task management. Not to be confused with process management or project management, task management is about just that: individual tasks. Keeping tabs on all your tasks and their respective deadlines can be challenging.

Task Management is part of project management and often the better you are at task management, the more tasks you’re given to manage, and eventually, it can get overwhelming.

What do you do when there are too many tasks to keep track of easily?

Many people still keep a good old fashioned task list on a piece of paper or an assortment of sticky notes. That’s certainly one way to do it.

Other people go digital and use the to-do list or note apps that come on their phones, but those options aren’t more helpful than the analog versions except for being more portable and saving trees.

Fortunately, there are a number of task management apps specifically designed to help with keeping numerous tasks organized. Let’s take a look at what characterizes these apps and which ones you might want to consider.

What is a task management app?

A task management app collects individual tasks and lets you organize them to focus on getting work done. It lets you create entries for each task and move or archive the tasks as they’re completed.

The specific features vary from one app to another, but the best task management apps will let you set and enforce deadlines, prioritize project tasks, and assign tasks to other team members when you’re working on a collaborative project.

It’s also helpful if the task management software has a visually-pleasing, intuitive interface so that the status of your tasks is obvious with a quick glance and your team actually wants to utilize it.

Of course, it’s also great if the app has both a mobile and a desktop version so you can check in on your task at your desk or on the go.

Why should you use a task management app?

If you have a large number of tasks to manage, the benefits of a task management app become obvious pretty quickly. The app will hold all the details so you don’t have to keep them straight in your head. The app will alert you to coming deadlines or when a member of your team completes a task.

All of this can save you significant amounts of time and keep tasks from falling through the cracks, especially if the task management you’re doing is part of larger project management responsibilities.

Even if you’re managing just a handful of tasks, it’s incredibly helpful to record all the relevant details like due dates and customer information in one place.

Top 7 best task management apps for productivity in 2020

If you’re looking for a task management software to manage your tasks and improve productivity, there are a number of good options. Here are some of the task management apps you should be looking at:

1. HiTask

HiTask is a task management app that’s easy to use and works well for businesses of all sizes. Users can upload documents and attach them to specific tasks for easy storage and organization, but the free and low-cost plans have relatively low storage allowances.

Teams handling sensitive information may find the lack of security features problematic. Users like the intuitive drag and drop interface.

HiTask has only a few integrations, but it does sync with Google Calendar, and a Chrome extension lets you create tasks directly from the browser’s toolbar.

2. MeisterTask

With strong integrations and solid security features, MeisterTask is a good choice for teams that need a central communication hub for tasks and projects that involve sensitive information. MeisterTask was created for agile project teams and has kanban boards as well as static project boards.

To-do lists can be divided into sub-lists, and users can assign relationships among tasks with alerts to notify a team member when an upstream task has been completed, but there are no WIP limits (work-in-progress limits).

While the interface is attractive, some users find it cluttered and complain of a lack of flexibility in display options.

3. Kissflow Projects

Kissflow Projects is one of the best task management tool that is intuitive and easy to implement. Using custom forms, users can ensure the right details are captured for each task and extraneous fields are deleted, giving your team the best possible picture of what needs to be done.

4. Podio

Podio is meant to function as a virtual “social workspace,” an online hub for project collaboration that engages users and is easy to customize. Podio has an app marketplace, from which teams and users can select apps to meet their needs, as well as a function to design apps if there’s not one to suit your team’s purposes.

One challenge in task management on Podio is that assigning a task to multiple team members results in duplicate tasks, which makes tracking difficult.

5. Proofhub

SaaS-based Proofhub has both kanban boards and Gantt charts for task management and allows users to track the time spent on each task. Group chat and direct messaging features facilitate easy communication among team members. Proofhub has very few integrations, so it may not meet the needs of all organizations.

Some users feel the app isn’t able to handle the demands of large organizations or complex projects and that it’s best suited for small teams.

6. Workfront

Formerly known as AtTask, Workfront allows teams to collaborate on tasks and projects and makes use of social features to facilitate a collaborative virtual workspace. Workfront supports the implementation of project management methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile and has all the essentials of time tracking, reports, and task assignment.

If you’re looking for a simple task management app, Workfront may have too many bells and whistles as it’s meant for businesses with complex workflows.

7. Wunderlist

Wunderlist was recently acquired by Microsoft, but its to-do app is available on mobile devices on most platforms as well as on the web. Users can create and delegate tasks easily and assign tasks to multiple users. You can set due dates and notifications, share to-do lists with other users, and track task progress.

Some users find the interface difficult to navigate, and though Wunderlist offers many integrations, some users complain they can’t find the integrations they’d like.

Simplify your tasks with Kissflow Projects

A good task management app can make a huge impact on your efficiency (and help you find your desk underneath all the sticky notes you’ve been relying on). Every business, team, and project manager has different requirements, so take the time to research which task management tool fits your needs.

With easy integrations and a suite of modules, Kissflow Projects is more than a task manager; it’s an online workspace that gives you transparency in projects and flexibility and helps your team collaborate effectively. To see how Kissflow Projects can help you with task management, try it out for free.