Simple Project Management: Manage Projects Without Too Much Hassle!

Melissa Sutton-Seng

Melissa Sutton-Seng

Project Management

No matter the size of your business or team, chances are you have projects to manage. Many organizations use spreadsheets(see why spreadsheets are terrible for project management) to try and stay organized, but those can become cumbersome, and they’re often just piles of data no one is quite sure how to access or utilize. Maybe you have a physical ticketing system or endless digital folders with no unified picture of it all.

If you’re trying to manage projects more efficiently, you’ve probably looked into an assortment of project management processes and software programs. And you’re probably overwhelmed. Where can you find a simple project management solution?

You need simple project management that fits

Most project management processes don’t fit small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) very well. Try googling “how to do project management.” You’ll likely end up down a rabbit hole of project methodologies and strategies and far more information than you want when you just need to get the job done.

In project management, there are various stages and phases of the project, each of which can be divided and subdivided into minutia so small you can’t remember what you were trying to manage start with. And there’s a place for all that. Some organizations are so large and their projects so complex that they need such granular views on their tasks.

Most SMBs, however, will be bogged down by that level of record-keeping. You don’t need to spend hours, days, or weeks forcing your processes into some else’s system. What you need is a project management software that can be customized to meet your needs.

Use technology to simplify project management

Most companies are aware by now that technology can help simplify all kinds of things, but when you’ve been doing project management the “old way” for so long, it’s hard to take the leap to embrace new technology. It doesn’t help that so many tools were built for giant enterprises rather than SMBs. But using technology that’s right for your business really can make your life easier. The key is finding a solution that fits your specific needs.

Challenges with most project management tools

There are dozens of project management tools and apps available, but most aren’t meeting the needs of SMBs and simple project management very well.

Some of the available software options are very robust, so robust that they’re far more complicated than what the average user needs. With overly-complex project management tools, team members are required to spend far too much time learning the platform, which slows work on the projects themselves.

On the other end of the spectrum, some tools are quite simple and easy to learn but don’t provide all the features necessary for successful project management. With too-simple platforms, your team ends up finding supplemental tools from various sources, creating a Frankenstein project management system that devours time and brainpower instead of making your project management process more simple.

Without strong features and great integrations, you don’t have the transparency you need on your projects. But with too many features and high learning curves, the platform isn’t utilized and you’re back where you started, searching for a simple project management solution.

How Kissflow simplifies project management

Kissflow Projects is situated in the middle of the spectrum: robust enough to handle all your project management needs, but not so complex your team will be overwhelmed by learning to utilize it.

Take our kanban boards for example. Kanban is a system that utilizes cards and columns to visualize project status. Each phase in the process is represented by a column, and users track progress by moving task cards from one column to the next as work is completed. It’s an effective system, but the board can become crowded, and thus less useful when projects have many phases and subphases. In Kissflow Projects, each column is divided into sections such as

  • In Progress
  • On Hold
  • Done

which reduces visual clutter and gives a more accurate picture of the status of each task.

kanban board

Another unique Kissflow Projects feature is the user swimlane view. It gives you a holistic view of what each project participant is working on across various steps of the project. This helps you, as the project manager, assign and reassign work according to each team member’s capacity and availability. Kissflow Projects is designed to be easy to use while providing transparency in projects to help you and your team collaborate effectively in real-time.

Leverage the power of simple project management with Kissflow Projects

You don’t need complicated tools for successful project management, and you don’t need to spend time managing multiple platforms to meet your team’s needs. Simple project management does exist. With Kissflow Projects, you can get the transparency and agility you need all in a single, powerful, team-friendly digital workspace. Sign up for free today.