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How to Create a Project Management Plan Online

Melissa Sutton-Seng

August 19th, 2019 Project Management  

Someone tells you to go make a “PMP”. After a quick search, you learn this is a Project Management Plan, but you have no idea how to go about making one. Suddenly you’re a project manager, and you need a plan. There’s an overwhelming wealth of resources available online, so where should you begin? Let’s start with the basics.

What is a Project Management Plan?

A project management plan (PMP) is more than just a schedule or a task list, though it does include those things. Your project management plan sometimes just called a project plan is a carefully created document that outlines all the key elements of a project’s execution, monitoring, control, and closure. The PMP is formally approved at the beginning of the project and then progressively updated throughout the course of the project.

The 3 Components of a Project Management Plan

At its most basic level, a project plan consists of three components. Creating a list of all these components to help inform your project management plan.

  • Activities
  • Tasks
  • Resources

1. Activities

What are the things your team will need to do in order to get the project done? Activities in your project plan include things like measuring progress, assigning tasks, allocating resources, tracking time spent, and communicating effectively.

2. Tasks

To make any project manageable, it’s broken down into tasks. These are smaller jobs that make up the bigger picture of your project. Having incremental goals makes measuring success and addressing bottlenecks easier, and identifying these tasks is essential to crafting your project management plan.

3. Resources

What are you working with? Your resources include your budget, of course. It’s also important to understand your human and material resource requirements. How many people will need to work on this project and will you need to hire temporary workers or subcontractors? What physical or digital materials are required and where will those things come from?

How Project Management Software can help you with Project Planning

A successful project management plan involves effectively organizing all the activities, tasks, and resources that make up your project. Trying to do all that with a collection of spreadsheets and shared documents or worse with notebooks, pens and sticky notes are overwhelming and inefficient.

Project management software can simplify your project planning, giving you the tools and transparency you need to not only create an excellent project management plan but to actually manage your project well. Good project management software allows you to perform administrative tasks more quickly and efficiently, freeing up time to focus on the actual project.

Project management software can also facilitate effective communication within and among teams, help you track key performance factors, store all project data in a central location, and allow you to generate reports on your project along the way.

There are dozens of project management software tools available, and you should spend a bit of time researching to determine which one is right for your organization.

Master project management planning with Kissflow

Project management in Kissflow is simple and intuitive, letting you jump right in and begin planning your project without spending countless hours figuring out a new project management tool. File sharing facilitates information gathering in and across teams. Built-in analytics lets you set your targets and get real-time reports. Ready-made project templates let you hit the ground running, and customizable templates save you time when you have recurring or similar projects.

Kanban boards give a visual overview of the project’s progress. Alerts and notifications ensure everyone is aware of their assignments and initiators know when tasks have been completed. You can create project plans with confidence and lead your team to successful project completion with Kissflow.