Why Should You Say NO to Open Source Purchase Order Software?

Say ‘No’ to Open-Source Purchase Order Software

Jeremy Francis

February 21st, 2019 Procurement Process   purchase order  

Being free to use, tweak, and distribute, open source software has its share of loyal supporters who swear it’s the way to go.

open source purchase order software

However, consider an expense-heavy front like procurement management. Your business is better served if you skip past free open-source solutions, and pick a solution whose developers know has actual monetary value.

Before we start breaking down why exactly open-source shouldn’t be your first choice, let’s take a look at the common reasons why people get into open-source software solutions for purchase orders.

Why organisations are tempted to pick open-source purchase order solutions

The price is right!

The primary reason teams go for open source PO solutions is the notion that they are free to use. While not always true, most offer significant savings at the very least. You can, in theory, pick up an unlimited number of copies too, without having to pay premium enterprise charges.

Flexibility through customizability

Since you are free to modify open-source software, there is a school of thought that suggests you can get higher levels of customizability here. The thinking is that proprietary software is ‘too rigid’ to accommodate changes that cater to your organization’s unique style of executing a purchase order process.

Some products are high quality

Not all open source products are simple and bare-bones. Some of them are even on par with their proprietary counterparts. This leads to the belief that, with a bit of luck and a ton of research, you can find an open-source PO tool at an absolute bargain.

Support from the developer community

Even if developers stop working on a piece of open-source software, it might keep living and breathing through a community of loyal developers. The same goes for fixes for bugs and other flaws in the software.

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The disadvantages of using open-source software


The same property that lets you take advantage of the contributions of a well-meaning developer community, can work against your business. Running POs through an open source app, code altering can leave you open to attacks like the theft of sensitive data and virus transfers.

Free isn’t always free

While most users assume that open source software costs them nothing, they are proven wrong once they get their open-source PO solution. Some open source solutions require paid add-ons to function the way you want.

Any customization requires the work of skilled programmers, who are usually very expensive. Then, you also need to do your own implementation, training, and internal support.

Only proprietary software comes with personalized support

The best bet for help regarding an open-source software issue is an online troubleshooting forum. Proprietary software usually comes full supported by a dedicated live help desk, or at least a comprehensive help manual that’s suitably updated.

All those workarounds

You can easily find proprietary software that ties in well with your organisation’s working style. With open source software, you might have to make your team use an unfamiliar OS like Linux, or hear complaints about hardware that doesn’t support your open-source tool.

A great way to avoid the disadvantages of open-source PO tools is to pick the right cloud-based purchase order system. Here’s why.

Why cloud-based purchase order software is the way to go

With a cloud-based purchase order system, you get:

  • Data security: protect vital and sensitive information from leaking through code alteration by hackers with malicious intentions
  • Constant updates, so that your PO tool is always the latest version
  • Much better prices that most on-premise solutions
  • Flexibility and agility, with customizable tools like KiSSFLOW
  • Proprietary software at open-source rates
  • Support and help material, complete with user manuals, FAQs and live help desks
  • Proprietary cloud-based PO tools give you the best of both worlds

Choose the best cloud-based PO software

KiSSFLOW is a great choice if you’re in the market for a cloud-based, proprietary software solution to your purchase orders. It offers you all the discussed benefits of proprietary software, fits organizations of all sizes, and comes at SMB-friendly prices.

Before you shell out so much as a single dollar, you can take a look at KiSSFLOW, and see firsthand how it can transform your PO process!

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