Simplify Purchase Order Tracking in 15 Minutes

With KiSSFLOW, you can create the automated PO tracking system of your dreams.

Key Features of Purchase Order Tracking Software

Auto PO Matching

Populate PO details from purchase requisition forms automatically

Deadline Adherence

Ensure timely approval with automated notifications and reminders

Track in Real Time

Find, edit, and change the status of any PO with a simple click

Analyze and Control Spend

Purchase order tracking is all about maintaining control so that the process happens the same way every time. With an automated PO tracking system, you can rest assured that every protocol was followed.

Analyze trends, streamline purchase order approvals, and reduce maverick spends with visual reports inside an automated purchase order tracking system.

Track POs Instantly

Stop sifting through overflowing spreadsheets and lengthy email conversations to track a purchase order. Embrace purchase order automation to know the status of a PO at a glance, anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

You can obtain all pertinent order details like order date, vendor details, and even navigate to the original purchase requisition, with just a click.

Why Use KiSSFLOW for Purchase Order Tracking?

Here’s what you can do with KiSSFLOW as a purchase order tracking system:

Streamline Processes

Keep the PO approval paperless with digital forms and checklists

Save Resources

Automate PO tracking to save time, reduce cost, and limit errors

Speed Up Approvals

Quicken approvals and decision making with automated workflows

Enhance Security

Ensure process transparency with audit trails and role-based access

Retrieve Insights

Obtain real-time spend insights from customizable, visual reports

Improve Compliance

Mitigate risk and increase compliance with a rule-based process

Our Customers ❤ KiSSFLOW

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“PO Tracking is much easier with KiSSFLOW. We’ve gone from days to hours.”

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