Implement a Purchase Order Software for Small Business in 15 Mins

Implement a Purchase Order Software for Your Small Business in 15 Mins

Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

November 13th, 2018 Procurement Process   purchase order  

Purchase Order Software for Small Business

Purchasing is a risky process, especially with a small business. Legal agreements, cash flow, and vendor relationships are core to a SMB succeeding. But the purchase order process gets no easier as you grow and can become even more complex, time-consuming, and costly.

Outdated legacy systems and the enormous cost associated with manual purchase order processing is just the tip of the iceberg. When these archaic tools are combined with the sheer complexity of the PO process and tangled workflows, the entire process becomes a challenge for SMBs.

These inefficient processes and ineffective tools can’t help SMBs control their spend. That doesn’t mean SMBs need to invest in an integrated procurement system to solve these issues. Something as simple as an automated purchase order app, created in a low-code development platform would suffice.

Here’s how you can implement your own purchase order software in 4 simple steps:

Implement a Purchase Order Software for Your SMB in 4 Steps with KiSSFLOW

When adopting an electronic purchase order system for a small business, one of the biggest hurdles is converting paper workflows to digital. Proper planning is essential to ensure success.

Here are four steps to successfully migrate paper-based purchase order process into an efficient digital purchase order app with an easy purchase order system like KiSSFLOW.

Step 1: Install KiSSFLOW’s Purchase Order App

The right application should ideally be custom-built to your requirements, easy to use, and offer features that allow changes to be made quickly. With KiSSFLOW, small businesses can create a digital form and automated workflow from the ground up or just install an existing purchase order template that exists.

Install Purchase Order App

Step 2: Customize functionalities as per your needs

After creating the basic version, try customizing the look and feel of the purchase order app with the flexible, easy-to-use a visual-based editor. Standardize the functionalities of the app and tweak its features to the extent where it works seamlessly across all devices

Rather than doing a complete makeover, start small, and edit one field or functionality at a time. Here are the things you can do:

  • Edit or modify font, look, or data fields in the purchase order form
  • Reorganize sections of the form or workflow in the way that makes the most sense
  • Add color and branding to your documents and forms
  • Provide role-based accessibility to confidential data
  • Enter a pop-up description of the information required in a specific form field
  • Make specific fields mandatory
  • Auto-fetch purchase order data from purchase requisition form

Customize Purchase Order App

Step 3: Define workflow and add stakeholders

Define your workflow. Set permissions and approval tasks. Include all necessary stakeholders who are involved in the purchase order workflow.

Purchase Order Workflow

Step 4: Track the progress of purchase orders

View the status of purchase orders in a glance and identify bottlenecks with ease. Make real-time alterations in case of inefficiency.

Purchase Order Status

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Why KiSSFLOW is the Best Purchase Order Software for Small Businesses

A purchase order management software is a growing necessity for small and mid-sized enterprises. However, their needs are not the same as that of enterprises. So, a purchase order system for small businesses should accommodate and reflect those unique business needs.

For purchase order software to help a small business rather than hinder their purchasing needs, it is important to ensure the product has a few essential features.

KiSSFLOW has the following top 5 features, which every small business needs:

Accurate Computation

Remove the chance of human errors with the help of automated calculations using built-in formulas.

Custom Workflows

Design rule-based approvals(conditional, parallel etc.) to meet your needs.

Centralized Storage

Store all the POs in a cloud database that integrates with other procurement apps.

Actionable Insights

Identify approval bottlenecks using real-time visual reports.

Real-time Visibility

Gain visibility and control over approvals with a transparent process flow

purchase order software for small business features

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Benefits of Using a Purchase Order Software for Small Business

With an automated online purchase order system, SMBs can clear up the paper and email clutters and make purchase order approvals hassle free. Here are six benefits of using a purchase order software for small business:

  • Eliminate paperwork: The dizzying effects left by paperwork can be eliminated with an automated purchase order system.
  • Reduce manual intervention: 56 percent of manual tasks are automated, removing human errors and data redundancy.
  • Ensure consistency: Automated purchase order software ensures consistency in routine purchasing tasks.
  • Cut operational costs: Cloud PO systems speed up the process, reduce the total cost of ownership and save 45-65 percent of operational cost.
  • Improve transparency: Automation makes the process transparent and policy compliant.
  • Rapid processing: Purchase orders can be processed 75 percent faster than before with automation.

So, What Next?

By devoting time to define and examine the existing paper-based purchasing process, small businesses can easily switch their current manual process to an easy purchase order system that takes full advantage of the benefits of automation.

Using an intuitive purchase order automation tool like KiSSFLOW will help SMBs save countless hours of PO processing, adequately speed up the process, and cut down endless ‘back and forth’ chaos.

KiSSFLOW will eliminate frustration, save time and resources, and remove processing inconsistencies that so often held small businesses back.

With an automated purchase order process, the likelihood of costly errors will be zero. Small businesses can take control of their organizational spend with investing in costly packaged software.

Considering purchase order automation? Take a look at KiSSFLOW and see how it can power up your purchase order process!

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