Purchase Order Automation | Automate Purchase Orders in 15 Mins

Purchase Order Automation – How to Automate Purchase Orders in 15 Mins?

Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

November 14th, 2018 Procurement Process   purchase order  

Problems with Manual Purchase Orders

Handling purchase orders in a manual process was a recurring nightmare. With a lot of paperwork floating around, tracking a specific purchase order was like looking for a needle in a haystack. And it’s not just a bad feeling. A recent study by APQC reveals manual purchase orders processing can cost organizations as much as $506.52 per PO.

Thankfully, purchase order automation came to the rescue, but it wasn’t smooth sailing at first.

Legacy systems took months or even years to automate a process. With the emergence of SaaS, organizations of all sizes and budgets got a chance to automate their PO process. Now, everyone has the chance to experience purchase order automation and get out from the rule of manual systems.

Automate Your Purchase Orders in 15 Minutes with KiSSFLOW

Before you start automating your purchase order process, it is essential to pick the right tool. The tool of your choice should automate the repetitive steps in a purchase order workflow and yield better results.

A low-code purchase order automation tool will let organizations tailor a process that meets their need without mastering a new programming language.

While there are several packaged purchase order software options available today, choosing a software like KiSSFLOW will give organizations the power to create a process that caters to their unique business needs. Organizations like SAPIN use KiSSFLOW to speed up their PO processing by 75%.

With KiSSFLOW, organizations can streamline PO processing, cut down costs, and maintain better records. Here’s how organizations can achieve purchase order automation in four simple steps.

Step 1: Create a purchase order form

The first obvious step is to design an electronic purchase order form. You can either install a pre-designed purchase order form template or create a unique form from scratch.

This digital form will collect all essential purchasing details like the PO number, vendor details, buyer info, payment terms, and can even attach files (like a purchase requisition form).

The PO form can be simple or extensive depending on your requirement. You can make your app do anything from auto-populating credentials and custom fields to creating tables that calculate the total cost based on quantity.

Purchase Order Form

Step 2: Design a unique workflow

The next step is to sketch out a workflow. You can keep it as simple as a single sign-off from the purchasing team or create a long workflow and make it dynamic with conditions, rules, thresholds, and more.

Assigning a task owner for each step of the workflow will make team members accountable for their role in the process.

You can also speed up the purchase order approval process by sending automated notifications to all stakeholders requesting them to review and act on time.

Each stakeholder will receive a push notification (or an email), which will direct them to the PO app. The participants can then review the purchase order form and perform one of the three available actions: approve, reject, or request more info.

purchase order workflow

Step 3: Integrate with other apps

To streamline the purchase order process, you can connect KiSSFLOW with other procurement software solutions used by your organization. API integration will ensure seamless data transfer across your procurement applications.
With seamless integration, KiSSFLOW users eliminate data silos, reduce manual intervention, and keep the process accurate and consistent throughout.

Step 4: Roll out the app and Track Progress

Once the purchase order app is ready, make sure you test all the internal and external parts of the workflow and the digital form before deploying it. Before rolling it out to the whole organization, share it with a small team and collect feedback.

Then, analyze the obtained feedback and take appropriate actions. Make necessary modifications to address any process or functionality related issue before your app goes live.

Track Purchase Order Status

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Why You Should Say NO to Manual Purchase Orders

Traditionally, paper-based purchase orders and emails ferried purchasing details in a PO cycle. With the evolution of technology, you can probably come up with a lot of reasons to stop managing purchase orders manually.
Here are five reasons to say goodbye to manual purchasing process:

Volume of data:

As the organization grows, the number of purchases increase with it. They need to be processed rapidly in a secure way and paper forms or emails aren’t just up to the job.

Efficiency issues:

The manual PO process is inherently slow, complex, and error-prone. Automated PO processes are fast, consistent, and accurate.

Cost factor:

A lot of factors like productivity, storage costs, and admin hours can influence the cost. Eliminating paperwork and manual effort from processes will nearly always save money.


When organizations hold back from automating their PO process, they risk falling behind their competitors who are digital-ready. Automation is no longer a choice; it is a necessity.

Security risk:

Paper forms, emails, and locally stored electronic files are inherently insecure. Storing confidential information using manual methods will do more harm than good.


Ensuring compliance with legislation will be a lot harder when you have no idea where your records are, who has access to them, and whether or not they have been modified.


Paperwork expands your carbon footprint and local storage demands larger memory and investments, and both consume more energy. Purchase order automation will help organizations implement a eco-friendly business process


An inefficient purchase order process can affect an organization’s bottom line directly. So, it is essential to take charge of your PO process.

Using an automated purchase order software ensures that all steps in a purchase order process are accomplished without any manual intervention. It will reduce the possibility of losing a PO or miskeying the information and other instances that cause process delays.

Automating your purchase order process with a robust purchase order automation tool like KiSSFLOW will cut down the cost and time associated with PO processing substantially.

KiSSFLOW’s cloud-based nature ensure hassle-free installation and ease of use. Its customizable nature and visual workflow builder lets even business users automate a business process in a jiffy.

Bid goodbye to your manual purchase order tools and give KiSSFLOW a spin today! See how easy it is to automate your purchase orders.

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