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Low Code

Transform Your Business With Kissflow No-Code Software


Design, test, and deploy fully-functional business applications tailored to your needs with the power of no-code software.

Amplify business success with Kissflow no-code platform features

Tailor-fit apps are easier to build and more affordable than many think. Let the critical thinking and innovative skills of your business leaders shine through with Kissflow no-code application development.

Build and deploy apps sooner

Reduce development time to up to 90% with pre-made templates and a visual design platform; zero coding at all.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for quick and easy app development
  • Launch apps in a matter of days; no more months of waiting
  • Update, debug, and modify apps as you see fit to meet business requirements
  • Hassle-free integration with existing technologies

Empower business users to engage in IT-approved no-code app development

Enable citizen development and bolster data privacy and security with Kissflow No-code.

  • Stamp out risks and vulnerabilities of shadow IT
  • Observe compliance and governance standards in application development
  • Empower non-developer business users to develop ideas into IT-sanctioned business apps
  • Encourage collaborative efforts between business users and developers to increase new business initiatives

Optimize workflows across different departments

Promote no-code software beyond the IT department – Kissflow No-code support workflow management and automation for all types of business teams.

  • Transform paper documents and manual workflows into modernized files and processes
  • Build elaborate workflows and keep track of various requests

Best business use cases of Kissflow no-code platform

Enable efficient business processes and scalable operations with the enterprise-friendly Kissflow No-code. Ensure consistency in performance and delivery of tasks across business teams. Deploy apps quicker and increase productivity among your business users.

Employee onboarding

Start strong with candidates through smooth workflows, from the initial interview to hiring approval. HR representatives coordinate to develop an efficient employee onboarding process to welcome new hires.

  • Transparent communication between hiring managers for resume review
  • Automated email updates to candidates
  • Scheduled device delivery
  • Employee training and orientation
  • Account registration and setup

Employee offboarding

Similar to onboarding, no-code software helps for quick and hassle-free employee offboarding. Digital processes keep the HR department up-to-date with the status of filing the necessary documents for the exiting employee.

  • Automated internal accounts closure
  • Returning ID cards, passes, and company technology
  • Digital clearance forms
  • Scheduled exit interview

Budget approval

Manage and operate the budgets for different business teams conveniently with no-code solutions. Liquidate data for visibility and stay on top of financial operations.

  • Automated budget approval processes for consistency
  • Reduced errors in calculation or data entry
  • Promote transparency in pending invoice forms
  • Maximize resources within the company budget

Purchase requests

Validate purchase orders, manage vendors, and reduce bottlenecks in purchase requests with no-code software. Digital processes allow for flexible and error-free procurement.

  • Eliminate the risk of purchase scams or duplicate purchase orders
  • Prevent monetary loss with compliant web forms
  • Record and cross-check invoices with three-way matching
  • Detailed insights and analytics on company expenditures

Employee leave management

There is more to employee leaves than reviewing leave requests. No-code empowers HR for quick and simplified processing of employee leave records, encashment, and requests for sick and/or vacation leaves.

  • Automated leave encashment calculation
  • Optimized records for leave balances and requests
  • Minimize error in data entry with validation prompts

Kissflow no-code: case study highlight

Jardines: the search for the ultimate no-code development platform

Fortune 500 company Jardines did not only strive to reign supreme in providing consumer goods. The British corporation also aimed to optimize digital workflows, with an emphasis on the absence of high-code. 

Kissflow enabled Jardines to realize its need for quick and straightforward deployment of custom business solutions. From starting small in the IT department, Jardines began to automate web forms for its HR, finance, operations, and other departments.

Creating the forms in Kissflow was very easy, so it was naturally a good fit for us. We were able to automate most of our departments. - Kelvin Kwok, Jardines Business Analyst


Fold 6: Who can use Kissflow No-code?

From IT to human resources, Kissflow No-Code finds functionality for forward-driven businesses. Stay ahead of competitors with no-code development and develop custom business apps to optimize processes.

IT operations

  • Application management
  • Desktop workflow optimization
  • Asset management
  • Inventory optimization
  • Security risk and damage control

Human resources

  • Employee onboarding
  • Payroll management
  • Account management
  • Performance management
  • Employee leave request approval
  • Employee offboarding


  • Purchase order forms
  • Purchase requests
  • Invoice processing
  • Vendor management
  • Web form approval
  • Purchase audit


  • Budget proposal review
  • Budget approval
  • Insurance management
  • Financial risk management

Project management

  • Collaboration
  • Workload allocation
  • Task management
  • Performance reports and analytics
  • Goal-setting and actionable roadmaps

Don’t know how to code? You can still build apps without depending on IT.