Unveiling KiSSFLOW’s New Logo Design

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At KiSSFLOW, design thinking is right up there with innovation in our priorities. We are constantly looking for new ways to better match how we think with how KiSSFLOW looks and functions.

Recently, we felt that it was time to update our logo to better reflect some of the new priorities that have directed the redesign of KiSSFLOW. We wanted to keep the butterfly because it still reflects the same simplicity and ease that we want users to feel when they interact with KiSSFLOW. It reflects how a transformation from a manual office to an automated one can be a challenging process but, in the end, the result is much more free and beautiful.

So what does an updated butterfly look like for a company that values simplicity and form? Something like this:

logo - kissflow

Here’s why we made the change.

1. Keeping the Freshness Alive

We felt that our design and typography had become outdated and needed a freshening up. We’ve repackaged the old logo – flanked with a new typeface – with slight modifications that goes along with the technological transformation that is shown in our product too.

2. We Heart Simplicity

Simplicity runs deep in KiSSFLOW’s DNA. It’s what we aim for in designing our product or making a feature enhancement. Our older logo was simple, but we have found newer ways to make it more minimalistic and even more visually appealing. We’ve lessened the number of strokes, added more negative space, and changed the overall look of the butterfly to make it more mellow and less flowery.

Bonus points if you saw the heart-shaped butterfly wings! It’s just our way of saying how much we love our work of untangling process complexities.

3. Matching Our Wardrobe

KiSSFLOW has changed a lot in the last year. From introducing new Wishlist features to tweaking functionalities in the menu, we have incorporated a lot of new things that have enriched the user experience in KiSSFLOW. Recently, we also changed the website design to make it more aesthetic and user-friendly, and our logo design is the last step towards achieving that goal.

4. Enlivening the KiSSFLOW Brand

KiSSFLOW has done unprecedented business in the past few years. We have more customers than ever before, have more companies with more users, and our KiSSFLOW family has also tripled!

With the kind of attention we were getting, we wanted to put our best foot forward that speaks for our brand in the most minimal way possible. The new logo signifies KiSSFLOW’s affinity for simple and smart work without all the jazz.

A company’s logo is its crown jewel, its personality, its unique place in the world. At KiSSFLOW, we value simplicity and freedom to innovate more than anything else. We are confident that our new logo design will help set us apart in the crowd and keep reminding us to reducing chaos and workplace clutter.