KiSSFLOW Newsletter | Sep 2012 : Top Workflow App in Google Apps Marketplace



KiSSFLOW peaks at Google Apps Marketplace | New Features: Google Drive Integration, Organizational Hierarchy Support
KiSSFLOW Buzz Newsletter September 2012
Hi,Firstly, we are very excited to announce that KiSSFLOW has become the the second most installed workflow app within the first month of its launch in Google Apps marketplace. This would not have been possible without the support of our customers. Thank you so much.Secondly, we have been listening to your feedback/inputs and are excited to announce the launch of two most requested features: Google Drive integration and Organizational Hierarchy support. With today’s product release, KiSSFLOW has enhanced document management capability with Google Drive integration and added the new organizational hierarchy support for workflows. Here’s a quick summary of the capabilities provided by the new features:Google Drive Integration
– Option to upload docs directly in KiSSFLOW, instead of uploading it in drive & then attaching the docs
– Option to attach images, text files and other file types to workflow requests
– Attach docs option for all workflow participants. Not just initiators
– Improved user interface along with the option to search documents by type, titleOrganizational Hierarchy Support
– Define departments (department name, department head)
– Define locations (location name, location head)
– Define each active user’s manager, department and location

For more details, please read our KiSSFLOW Product Update blog.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please reply to this mail or send your feedback and suggestions to [email protected]
Once again, thank you for your continued support.


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