KiSSFLOW, Pork Soup Dumplings, and Pokemon Go: A Trip Like No Other

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Jothi's Philippines 1

KiSSFLOW has users all over the world. Sometimes, businesses request special training to make sure their teams understand KiSSFLOW completely and know how to get the most out of it. (If you’re interested in training for your company, click here.)

While we do a lot of training through video conferencing, our ace trainer, Jothi Ganesh, recently returned from a visit to the Philippines. Here were some of her experiences in the Pearl of the Orient.

Where did you go for the training?

I trained a group of twelve professionals from one of the world’s leading energy-producing companies headquartered in Manila. The training was conducted at Ortigas Centre, a centrally-located business district in Metro Manila.

Jothi's Philippines 2

What did you train them on?

The organization had recently decided to automate all their processes and wanted the team behind those processes to undergo training before implementing automation.

The group was mixed. Some were from finance or HR and had no knowledge of IT. Then there were also some core IT folks. For the first three days, the two groups jointly learned about the fundamentals of using KiSSFLOW. On the fourth day, I trained the IT people alone and answered their questions on API, integration, Apps Scripts, and a lot of developer-related topics.

What part of the training did you enjoy most?

The group had several business cases in mind and were eager to implement KiSSFLOW into those scenarios. It made me happy to see that the trainees were able to map the requirement of their company processes and apply the product solutions into the scenario just after two days. I think that aligns closely with the vision of our company about making things simpler for customers to use.

I enjoyed training the general business folks because they had many questions for me and kept the session interactive. One time we wrote some logic on-the-fly for a situation that required sequence numbers to be reset every year. It was interesting doing interactive things like that with the group because they wanted answers then and there.

Jothi's Philippines 3

What stood out to you about their organization?

Oh, all their organizational processes seemed complex! For example, they have fifteen leave balances and ten categories of overtime. Providing solutions to the complex business process of such a big organization was a challenge in itself.

One such challenge was limiting access to critical master data from being accessible to all creators. There was a huge discussion around this as all departments have some critical master data that requires security. The answer came in the form of creating a separate app altogether for master data. And, because the company is using SAP as their legacy system, we also talked about how they can use KiSSFLOW’s integration model to push data from SAP to the apps.

Outside of training, what did you like about the Philippines?

Jothi's Philippines 4

I stayed at a business centre; it was surrounded by high-rise buildings on all sides. There were SO MANY malls in the area that I thought every other building in the area was a mall. I visited SM Mega Mall, the world’s third largest mall. It has a bridge going over the road to connect two sides of the mall buildings. It’s so big that you risk getting lost trying to explore it by yourself!

I got to try the world-famous Filipino food, Xiao Long Bao, which is like pork soup dumplings. My new friends also took me to Tagaytay Highlands, which is a dormant volcano at the center of a lake.

My only complaint was that I couldn’t explore much because of the incessant rain. But I noticed that everyone in Manila walked with these huge umbrellas that keep them from getting drenched. It seemed that people love carrying such umbrellas with them all year round, rain or shine.

Oh, and I noticed that a majority of people prefer to walk. It might be to avoid the traffic, but I think lately it’s more because of Pokemon Go! Everywhere I went, I saw people walking or standing in groups glued to their phones playing Pokemon Go! We even stopped our car a few times to catch a few!

If you want training so that your entire team knows the ins and outs of KiSSFLOW, reach out to us! We’d love to sample your food next!