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Siftery is a product comparison and recommendation website that helps businesses discover new software. Kevin William David from the company’s community management team recently talked to Suresh Sambandam, founder and CEO of KiSSFLOW’s parent company OrangeScape, about the product journey and its mission. Read the full interview here.

Automate Work and Reduce Chaos with KiSSFLOW

KiSSFLOW is workflow as a service platform for automating business process workflows. KiSSFLOW lets you create an unlimited number of automated business applications. You can choose from 50 pre-installed apps or create your own.Use a drag and drop interface with more than 14 types of fields to create your perfect form. You can create pre-populated fields, add tables, group similar data into sections, and use logic to build a foolproof form.

Diagram your workflow, set deadlines, create conditions, and model your process just as they appear in your mind. You can create triggers to skip unneeded steps and create complex workflows with parallel branches. Make fields editable, read-only, or hidden for every task in your workflow and safeguard your form data and ensure accountability with role-based access.

Initiate workflows with a single click. Handle approvals, input requests, and clarifications from your phone or desktop and ask questions or send items back to any step in the workflow. Instantly check the status of any item to see where bottlenecks are forming and get an estimated completion time. View KPIs, configure ad-hoc reports, export report data, analyze dynamically generated data with other teams and more with KiSSFLOW’s advanced reporting features.


KiSSFLOW is now the #1 workflow app in Google Apps marketplace and has more than 10000 customers across 121 countries.

Kevin William David interviewed Suresh Sambandam, CEO of KiSSFLOW to learn more.

KiSSFLOW Automate Work

Can you tell us about what you are working on? What is KiSSFLOW?

KiSSFLOW is a workflow automation software for creating automated business process applications using a simple drag-and-drop interface so that anyone without programming skills can roll out automations in a matter of minutes. As a result, KiSSFLOW helps organizations reduce chaos and bring order at work

Why are you building this? What problem are you trying to solve?

We believe people closest to the problem know best how to solve it. When it comes to application needs for business users this is no different. We want to empower the business users by democratizing the process of building applications for their needs without having to spec it and work with programmers.

The tremendous response we got within the first few weeks of our launch kept us going at it. Tens of thousands of people use KiSSFLOW everyday to automate workflows ranging from simple to complex. It has helped thousands of companies across different sizes in over 120 countries get more efficient with their workflow management.

As to what we are currently working on, there is a lot of emphasis on building intelligence into automation tools. Five years of market presence has taught us a thing or two about how companies frame businesses processes and the steps they take to make them highly efficient. This has helped us create a set of read-to-use, pre-built applications that users can employ right away. In addition, adding analytics capabilities to the platform is another core area where we are focusing right now.

Who are your top competitors and how is KiSSFLOW different from what already exists in the market? What’s unique about what you are building & why do you think companies should use KiSSFLOW?

Compare what NetSuite and SalesForce have done to the ERP and CRM category. It is a similar story when it comes to BPM software. The likes of Pega and Appian are making BPM software so complicated that it requires not just a huge investment but also a significant amount of implementation time and expensive professional services to go live. KiSSFLOW is completely disrupting all of that through simplicity. Simplicity is at the core of KiSSFLOW’s philosophy that runs across our product, pricing, website, customer support and pretty much everything that we do.

Who are your customers? Who are you selling to in a company ?

Caratlane, Danone, Flipkart, McDermott, Michelin, Pepperfry, Pepsi, Sears are some renowned brands that use KiSSFLOW. In small and mid-sized companies, we often see CXOs of Finance, Operations and HR buying our product. However, in large enterprises, the IT Director or VP of IT buys our product.

How are your customers using KiSSFLOW? Could you share a few different use cases?

Customers have used KiSSFLOW to build workflows ranging from leave approvals to purchase requisition workflows. We have identified about 50 of the most frequently used workflows and given them pre-built workflow applications so that our customers can get a head start.


What are some unique cases that your customers have used your product for?

We have two interesting examples, albeit very diverse and extreme in their own way.

    • We have Tahiti Tourism, the #1 Honeymoon destination site that uses KiSSFLOW to manage the entire holiday booking process.
    • We also have had cases where KiSSFLOW was used to managing the entire funeral process at a funeral parlour.

Here is another interesting use-case where an electronic monitoring company involved with Community correction uses KiSSFLOW.

Who are some early/key customers?

SealedAir (Fortune 500), FlairJet, Milpitas Unified School District, Think Global School, and Cogent IBS were some of our early customers.


Customers Logo

When you started doing sales, was there a segment or industry that you went after? If so, what was the reason?

KiSSFLOW was initially positioned as “Workflow for Google Apps”. We saw a gap in G Suite (formerly Google Apps) and it was a big enough niche to focus by building deep integrations with G Suite thereby offering a strong value to joint customers between KiSSFLOW and Google. This worked out well for us as Google promoted our product through online channels and offline references.

For example, Google let us launch KiSSFLOW at the Google I/O event in 2012, 300 Google Apps users across 64 countries signed up for KiSSFLOW. Soon after its launch, KiSSFLOW got raving reviews & coverage from portals such as TechCrunch which gave it huge visibility, resulting in thousands of users signing up for the product across industries, verticals and geographies.

What were some of the biggest challenges while building the product early on and how did you solve them?

Although it is easy to talk about “focus”, when it comes to practice it is one of the hardest things. We often got a lot of interest from users who were on other platforms like Office 365. However, we have to say no to all of them and stay focused on the Google Apps customer base for the first two years until we reached a critical mass. Now, we support Office 365 and other platforms too.

What are the top products that you depend to run the company & how do you use them?

Well, first is KiSSFLOW. We use it internally to automate several of our processes right from employee onboarding to managing creative services in marketing to leave approvals. This gives us all a first-hand user experience of the product and makes us its biggest fan and its harshest critic at the same time.

Intercom helps us track the sales funnel end to end. It also helps us to send out messages to our customers from time to time. Google App Engine ensures application availability at all times which is a crucial element of business continuity.The entire company uses G Suite (formerly Google Apps for work) for managing day-to-day business whether it’s Gmail, Docs, Drive, or Hangouts. It is the lifeline of our entire official communication & collaboration.

We also use Pipedrive, QuickBooks, ChargeBee, and SEMRush.