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Whatever Happened to the Workforce of Tomorrow?

Coding boot camps, engineering campuses, and online tech courses have been available for years, yet the struggle to match tech jobs with candidates continues.

Industry Expectations versus Tech Talent Development


Tastes in career paths are changing, says Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow, as creative fields and the arts gain in popularity at some colleges. “Previously people thought to land a high-paying job, you need to be a computer science engineer,” he says. “That is changing.” His company is a developer of a low-code, no-code platform.


Expectations to land a job with major tech product companies such as Microsoft and Facebook is steep, Sambandam says, with such companies eager for engineers for product development. “That’s the real fight for talent that happens in the valley,” he says. Such companies are likely to look for rockstar engineers to work on what could be the next game-changing product or platform.

In general, industry can be anxious to meet expectations being set upon their shoulders, with Sambandam citing an assumed flood of applications to be built in the near future.


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