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The Times of India - Merchant of Madras features Kissflow Office for it's uniqueness

Photo Courtesy: Christo S - Video Specialist, Kissflow

"Merchants of Madras" is a recurring page that appears every Monday in the Chennai edition of The Times of India.This page features a column that captures Chennai's innovative office spaces.

Kissflow's new office has been covered extensively - designed around the theme of "SIMPLE"; the office features unique elements that capture our Tamil Pride. 

  • At the entrance lobby of our office, we have a very unique piece of art; the word “SIMPLE” that has been designed with colored pencils 
  • A life-sized statue of Thiruvalluvar, a celebrated Tamil Poet known for his Thirukurals.

  • Employee Caricatures on the Pillars: People are the pillars and backbone of our organization.. So we have caricatures of all the employees printed on the pillars and walls.
  • Conference Rooms: Our love for Chennai and Tamilnadu is well known. So our conference rooms have been named after districts of Tamil Nadu - but with a twist. The glass doors are stickered with iconic elements of what that district is famous for. For example: A conference room named “Dindigul'' has  “locks” as a part of the design, a room named “Kanchipuram” has silkworms, etc. 
  • Playing with Typography: Our cafeteria walls have images of biryani, pizza, filter coffee, medhu vada. 
  • Coding inspired art:  We have two unique paintings symbolizing a bharatnatyam dancer, jalikattu  at the office that is created using ASCII code.