Paytm Wins Over Amazon Gift Vouchers

• Marketing Processes

Recently, our company ran a campaign to ask our customers in India to review our product KiSSFLOW in G2 Crowd, a well-known B2B product review site. But, we weren’t sure what reward would entice users to leave a review.

When we ran similar campaigns for customers in the US, we offered an Amazon gift card in return of their review of KiSSFLOW. That strategy worked very well for us, so we tried the same for our Indian users. But we also had a sense that some may not be as excited about the reward as the US audience.

The “Eureka” Moment

We wanted to test out another option, so our CEO suggested doing an A/B test with two kinds of awards – some would receive the same Amazon offer, and others would receive one for Paytm Cash.

Here are the ads that we ran for the two campaigns.

Paytm wins over amazon gift vouchers

The results shocked us:

Reward Type Sent % Clicked % Reviewed % Increased
Amazon Gift Card 151 19% 3.5% N/A
Paytm Cash 139 22% 10% 300%

We got 3X more reviews with Paytm, which ultimately maneuvered KiSSFLOW’s rank in the G2 Crowd as the #1 BPM Software in the aspect of customer satisfaction! That is a huge win!

It’s important to know that we made the offer regardless of if the customer left a positive or negative review. The feedback they left helps us understand better how customers are using the product and how we can make it even better. We’re always looking for ways to make our users as thrilled as possible with KiSSFLOW.

Thank You Paytm

Despite being a part of the B2C league, Paytm helped our B2B company attain our goals. We would like to extend our thanks to the Paytm marketing team for having garnered an extensive reach in India, which made our job as marketers easier.

What Does This All Boil Down To?

For any business, customer reviews or testimonials is one of the best sources to acquire new prospects. If you are a marketer, you already know how tough of a job it is to get your customers to leave reviews for your product. And if you are targeting Indian customers to review you, one of the most definitive mantras to tempt them is by offering them a bounty of Paytm Cash.