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What if we could bring you the simplicity of No-Code combined with the power of Low-Code? Welcome to Kissflow, the enterprise-friendly low-code platform to automate & digitize your business operations.

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Code Less. Build More. Deliver Faster.

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Top 10 Best Practices of Low-Code
Application Development

Tip #1

Get to know your platform

Boost your likelihood of creating a great app. Ensure that everyone on your team, especially product managers and business analysts, spend enough time learning about and experimenting with platform integration, API generation, UI design, etc.

Tip #2

Utilize pre-built components

It’s always a smart idea to start with ready-made features and build your program from there. Because the bulk of apps have identical functions, starting from scratch is not a smart idea. Create the 10% of a program that makes it stand out, then delegate the rest to a low-code platform.

Tip #3

Connect with your customers

Give your customers as much control as possible over your product and pay attention to how they engage with it. Collaborate with the development team to produce useful outcomes. Ensure that your users enjoy the greatest possible experience by identifying and meeting their requirements.

Tip #4

Get faster feedback

Break your program down into manageable parts and publish them as frequently as possible. Collect quick field input from users and make modest adjustments regularly. Conduct frequent feedback sessions with your team members to learn more about how the app works and where it falls short.

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