Create the Form

Use a beautiful visual interface and drag-and-drop modules to create a customized form without a single line of code. Visual modelling tools make it easy to create each field just like you want it.

Define the Workflow

Create approval tasks and actions with a simple click. Assign steps to individual and create SLAs instantly. Create parallel streams and conditional steps with simple logic. At each task, you control what data can be viewed and edited.

Deploy It on the Cloud

When you publish your app, it is instantly available to your team, through any device with access to the platform. Changes and improvements only take minutes, and are immediately reflected for in-flight items.

Add Connections

Make your app more powerful by integrating it with your other core software. Create actions that make your app even more automated and reduce manual data transfers and errors.

Quick Initiate

Users can kick off a new process with a simple click. Forms are auto-populated with calculated information, and requests immediately go to the next step without any manual interventions.

App Creation at Lightning Speed

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