Meet the KiSSFLOW Team: Vimal

Neil Miller

February 29th, 2016 Kissuகிசு  

Vimal Interview

Name: Vimal Kumar

Nickname: Vimsy

How do you make KiSSFLOW great?
I’ve had many roles with KiSSFLOW, but essentially my job is to make customers’ lives easier. I do demos, consulting, and now I’m into developing Apps within KiSSFLOW for customers to use.

What is your signature work with KiSSFLOW?
In KiSSFLOW 1.0, I did a lot of development work. In KiSSFLOW 2.0, I’ve done most of the HR Apps – my favorite one is Employee Onboarding, you definitely need to check that one out!

Where are you from? What is it famous for?
My family is originally from Kumbakonam, known for its temples and fresh degree coffee! Recently, we were settled in Pondicherry before coming to Chennai.

Who is your favorite comic book character?
Superman. He looks so powerful, and there is only one thing that can put him down.

Do you have a personal kryptonite?
When I’m not meeting a customer’s expectations.

What do you like to do on the weekends?
I love eating food from very different cuisines. My all-time favorite is shawarma, and I like most Arabian food. I also really like Chinese and Thai food.

From the KiSSFLOW Team:

Most notable for:
His amazing photography skills and his awesome camera. Here are some samples.



See more of Vimal’s work here.

What we love about him:
He is extremely enthusiastic about talking to customers. He’s great at being able to take control of the conversation and making sure the customer walks away with what they need. Also, no matter how busy he gets, he takes time to explain things to others when they ask.

Strange habits:
He will wait and do research for years before buying the right gadget. You know that if Vimal bought something, he did exhaustive research beforehand.