Meet the KiSSFLOW Team: Natalie

Neil Miller

May 12th, 2016 Kissuகிசு  

Natalie Interview


How do you make KiSSFLOW great?
I make it look pretty! For a long time I was the only designer, but now we have a bigger team that looks after everything.

What is your signature work with KiSSFLOW?
The landing pages. And the zombie-like characters.

What is great about your hometown?
I’m from Chennai, and I’ve always loved the beach! It reminds me of lazy days with mom and dad pretending I was a mermaid and looking for crabs.

Who is your favorite comic book character?
The Joker. He is evil for no reason and that is truly scary. It’s actually terrifying, now that I think about it. He is so eloquent in his madness.

What game are you playing right now?
Fallout 4.

Who is the person you most admire?
My parents, especially my dad. He was (and still is) very patient with a very impatient daughter. He’s an exceptionally wonderful dad.

Something no one else knows:
The meaner I get with you, the more I like you. I know you will take it well.

From the KiSSFLOW Team:

Most Notable For:
She’s our go-to person when we need an illustration on short notice. She can understand requirements very well and translate them to beautiful illustrations very quickly.

What we love about her:
Her energy is very infectious. She is game for anything you put in front of her and she always shares her stuff, whether games, movies, or food (though she really has to like you for the last one).

She is very passionate about design. Her eyes light up whenever she sees beautiful designs. During the initial days of KiSSFLOW, we made lot of changes to the design and every time she came back with a better design with the same enthusiasm.

Strange Habits:
Natty is one of the most wonderfully weird people in the company. She always reminds us of the inherent dangers of revealing any private information on the Internet.

She also has spider-sense when it comes to picking up if anyone in the office is discussing football, video games, PC vs. consoles, and new product design.

How you know she is in the flow:
Redbull on the table, headphones on, singing to the music.

Super Powers:
She can eat endless amounts of junk food without gaining a single pound.