Meet the KiSSFLOW Team: Kishore

Manish Nepal

August 24th, 2017 Kissuகிசு  


Name: Kishore Chokkalingam
Designation: Quality Assurance Lead

How do you make KiSSFLOW great?

Apart from checking for flaws and fixing bugs on KiSSFLOW’s platform, I am also responsible for keeping a tab on all feature releases. I ensure that each feature we roll out meets customer satisfaction.

What is your signature work with KiSSFLOW?

When I joined OrangeScape, I was the only person in the testing team. Among the many modules that I tested, the Master Module is perhaps the highlight of everything I’ve done so far. Earlier we used to get frequent bug reports for that module. After I joined, we revamped the whole thing and released it with zero bugs.

What was your first job out of college?

After graduating from college with an electrical engineering degree, I landed a job as a Sysadmin in Murugappa Groups. It was a feat by itself because data centers don’t usually trust freshers to handle the one-man job of guarding highly-restricted server rooms.

What is an occupational hazard involved in the testing field?

In testing, if you miss a bug it will come back to bite you later in the production stage. It’s like the LoC where you can’t afford to compromise on security.

What do you like best about your hometown?

You can spend time going to a lot of places in Chennai, especially the beach. The cost of living here is also better than any other city/states I’ve been to.

What was your favourite game to play as a child?

I loved playing volleyball till my college days. I was a center player and the captain of my college’s volleyball team.

What’s an incident that changed your life?

As a non-IT guy, there was no way I could have entered the IT field had it not been for one of my friends from school, Felix. He advised me to get a job as a Sysadmin soon after I completed my apprenticeship. He is the same guy who showed me the way to testing as a career choice.

Tell us something no one else in OrangeScape knows about you.

That I’m a true-blue Ilayaraja fan. I like not only his songs but the music albums he has released, such as How To Name It and Nothing But Wind. Not many people are aware that the music maestro also has these albums to his credit.

If you could teach any grade or subject what would it be? Why?

I would like to teach kids, including my own, how to appreciate and be one with nature. Kids should learn how our forefathers survived in less privileged times. I want them to nurture the habits that align them closer to nature.

Who are your favorite real-life heroes?

I have huge respect for Mother Theresa for her charitable deeds; I love IAS Officer Sagayam Raj for his boldness; and I love Bharathiar for the bravery in his poems.

From The Team:

What is his signature work with KiSSFLOW?

He introduced testing automation in the QA team. Recently he has taken up the role of Scrum Master where he conducts daily status meetings and makes sure tasks are completed on time.

Kishore is overly passionate about…

…listening to music on a good stereo system. He is the kind of person who is happy buying a normal car, but will invest generously in having the best quality car woofer.

What’s Kishore’s way of getting things done in the testing team?

He is a process guy. He follows up closely with people to ensure on-time task completion and tests every spec down to the letter.

Kishore is most notable for:

Since he is the most organized person, we all go to him when planning a team outing or a day trip. He happily takes the lead and takes care of the end-to-end planning without anyone else having to worry about it.

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