Meet the KiSSFLOW Team: Adhi

Manish Nepal

January 20th, 2017 Kissuகிசு  

Kissflow - adhi


Adhi Ramanathan


Architect for KiSSFLOW

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a part of the KiSSFLOW team?

I joined OrangeScape 11 years ago, fresh out of college. Initially I worked for the Professional Services team and learned some valuable lessons in understanding customer needs. But I quickly grew curious about learning the deeper, technical aspects of our product and moved into the engineering team. There, I took care of our product’s persistence tier for a while. When I asked for more challenging work, my manager gave me the responsibility of looking after the rule engine which is now the core of KiSSFLOW. I’ve been a part of the engineering team from there on.

How do you make KiSSFLOW great?

I take care of two major components of KiSSFLOW: the rule engine and workflow engine. I make decisions around understanding a product requirement, choosing the right technology, and designing the right components for a given purpose.

If you were not an architect at KiSSFLOW, what would you be?

Probably I would have been an automobile engineer. I’ve been fascinated about cars since my college days.

Given a second chance between being a product architect or an automobile engineer, what would you choose?

(Laughs)☺I would perhaps choose to become an automobile engineer. But that’s only because I’ve already tasted what being a programmer feels like.

Looking back at where you started, what’s some advice you would give to your younger self?

I would like to offer three suggestions that apply to every beginner programmer. First, one should aim to learn about their field of work from its depth rather than in its breadth. Second, technology alone cannot solve all the problems. You need to first think about the customers’ requirements and approach the problem from that context. Finally, make sure whatever you’re doing is 100% fool-proof. You are solely responsible for the code you’re writing; it’s not the testing team, your manager, or your reviewer. Develop that kind of ownership for your work.

What’s the biggest compliment you have received at work?

The guy who used to head our engineering team said something like, “Adhi is the kind of person you get if you took away all my shortcomings and only kept the good things.” It was very nice of him to compare me to him, but I think he was just over-complimenting me.

What a great thing about your hometown?

Papparapatti is surrounded by small hills and a lot of calm places. I love my hometown because it has lots of beautiful places and the weather is nice all year round. Whenever I go to my hometown, I team up with my friends and we go on roadtrips to explore new places.

If invited to a Halloween party, who would you dress like? Why?

Maybe as a race car driver like Michael Schumacher because I’m a little completely obsessed with cars and the thrill of speed.

Happiness is:

Freedom to do what I want.

From the KiSSFLOW Team:

Describe Adhi in one phrase:

Slow-and-steady; thoughtful; detail-oriented.

How do you know when he is in the flow?

He gets annoyed when he is working on something big. He might implicitly ignore the person trying to get his attention.

Something about Adhi that you were surprised to discover.

He overanalyzes things. If he’s about to purchase something new, he will study about it for months and might end up not buying it at all. Also, he is strongly devotional and goes to temple every Thursday, come what may.

His pet peeve?

Repeatedly asking a dumb question.

Adhi is not Adhi without…

…his passion for driving. We can’t imagine what Adhi would have done if he were born in the BC (before cars) era.

Which movie character would you compare Adhi to? Why?

Frank Martin from The Transporter. That’s because Adhi gets his high out of driving. We are convinced that he will go to any length, even driving one of our three-wheeled autos, to fulfill his driving desires.

What would make an ideal gift for him?

Probably renting a fast car like a Lamborghini or a Chevy Cruze (Adhi’s favorite) for him to take on a long drive.


    • Pravin Battula

      Adhi is surely a strong pillar of KissFlow, he is a one man army with a very good command over technologies. Sole responsible of server side architecture after Mani doraisamy. Had a great chance to work under him for almost 8 years. He is so down-to-earth person and treat every developer at the same level. No egos nothing. He is simply superb guy. Without him, no doubt KissFlow would have come this far 🙂 :). You are a true inspiration adhi.