Meet the KiSSFLOW Team: Yogeshwaran Bellie

Manish Nepal

September 26th, 2017 Kissuகிசு  

Name: Yogeshwaran Bellie
Team: Solutions/Consulting
Designation: Business Analyst


How do you make KiSSFLOW great?

I research how U.S. schools and universities carry out their workflows and build ready-to-use apps on KiSSFLOW that they can use to automate their processes. So far, I’ve contributed in developing 50 automated apps for American school districts and 50 apps for universities each. Apart from that, I also do consulting work for many of our customers.

What is your signature work with KiSSFLOW?

I recently completed a major consulting deal with a big client. I looked at all of their complex business logics, analyzed them, and arrived at a solution that was best for them.

What is your happy place in the new OS office?

The table tennis (T.T.) board. (Laughs) If I’m free and not in my desk, you will almost always find me playing T.T.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love doing consulting work for our clients. It’s interesting to find solutions for the requirements that our clients come up with. Each customer has a unique requirement. Many times, we analyze similar cases from the past and recommend a solution that will work for them.

What do you like best about your hometown?

I’m from Ooty. I like going out on a late night drive around my town and stopping somewhere for coffee and bhajji. It’s even more enjoyable during winters when it’s foggy and you are wrapped in warm clothes.

What’s one thing that everyone should do once in a while?

Stay away from all digital screens and gadgets. Maybe go deep into a forest or spend a night without such distractions in a reserve area and connect with nature. I have done that a lot of times in the Western Catchment area in Ooty. You won’t get any mobile signals there; not even electricity. But you will need special permission to go inside.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t get scared of everything. If you want to do something, go ahead and do it.

What is something about the future that excites you?

At this point of time, I’m excited at the thought of being a parent.

Which is your favorite holiday and why?

In our Badaga culture, we celebrate Hethai Amman festival every year in December or January. People from hundreds of territories, each represented by 6-7 villages, around the Nilgiri Hills come together to conduct the daylong celebrations. We gather at a same place, sing, dance, and celebrate throughout the night. The men wear traditional white shirt and vesti. I never miss going home for that festival.

What’s a habit that has helped you get ahead in life?

I’m usually a calm person. No matter what the situation is, I’ll never talk to anyone angrily. I’ll just sit back and see what they are have to say and respond politely with a smiling face.

What’s a book that has made a deep impact in your life?

During my bachelor life, one of my roommates suggested that I read this 1800 page novel called Ponniyin Selvan. I started reading it and suddenly found myself very engrossed in it. I would come back from work at 8 at night and read the book well past midnight. That book is an absolute page-turner and it got me into the habit of reading.

From the team:

If Yogesh were to be a celebrity, what would he be famous for?

He would make for a good standup comedian. Or someone like Vijay Sethupathi who gives serial hits. Yogesh has a lot of things common with that actor. They both are dedicated, passionate professionals.

What’s something that Yogesh would stand in a long line for?

Any kind of food, but especially chicken biryani. Also, he can sit in one of the bean bags next to the T.T. boards all day long just for a chance to play.

If Yogesh didn’t have to work, what would he do with all his time?

He likes to idle around. He will probably spend the entire time scrolling through his facebook feeds or playing T.T.

What’s something you like about Yogesh?

He handles a high-stress situation as well as a cherishable moment with the same level-headed manner. You can trust him with everything.

At work, he’s not the kind of person who clocks in by 12 and leave by 9. If there’s something that needs to be done, he’ll find a way to do it before he leaves. He never postpones it to the next day.