July 4th, 2013 Kissuகிசு   Tech Talk  



OrangeScape came together today to hack on KiSSFLOW for 4 straight hours! I personally felt like the make over artist looking at Sandra Bullock, trying to decide what to change to get her to look like a contestant in the International Beauty contest. (For those who didn’t get the reference, watch Miss Congeniality – now).

We got together in the engineering room – also called the War Room (for good reasons I think), right after lunch. Some of us even had DIY standing desks – another life hack we’re trying to adopt at OrangeScape. The task was to come up with a process that had a medium to complex workflow, and work your way through creating it on KiSSFLOW. In the process, we had to file bugs / issues / features / nice-to-haves and send it across to the engineering team.

Dinesh and Praveen, two of the engineers behind KiSSFLOW were kept on their toes, reading and classifying the incoming tickets. Adhi, another lead engineer, was kept busy by OrangeScapians who were calling out to him, with various shouts for help.

At some point, it dawned on all of us that there won’t be Dinesh, Praveen or Adhi, helping out our users who’re going to be remote and using our product! We took a collective decision to be ruthless about our criticisms. That realization was enough for us to go at it with double vigour and tickets started flying in at an insane rate. The slightest spelling mistake and css crashes was penalised. Our engineering team handled it really well, taking criticism constructively and never panicking about the amount of issues flying in. They only kept encouraging people to send in those issues. At one point, I looked up from my screen to look around the room and my mind started playing the Gladiator theme music.

Today has been a fantastic day for OrangeScapians. I would advocate this approach of a product-hack-day to all startups out there. What could be better than collectively striving to deliver a better product? However much each individual team puts in its best, there are days like these when we realise the power of a united front. Dinesh confirms that there have been 300 odd issues filed just in the last 3 hours and we’re all set to tackle them with the best we’ve got.

Prospective customers, customers, friends and well wishers, in a few days, there is going to be a new and improved KiSSFLOW coming your way. Stay tuned!


    • Sounds like a very productive session, bound to be beneficial to the product and to your client base at large.
      Looking forward to the new & improved KiSSFLOW.


    • Joe

      Where has this been all my life? I’ve been searching high and low for a decent workflow engine that’s easy to use yet flexible and powerful when needed and integrated into the google ecosystem. You guys really hit the nail on the head. Can’t wait to wow my executives with this tool!