Why automate Workflows – Webinar Slides

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You had heard it over a thousand times now, everyone seemed to talk about it and yet you were not sure enough if you have to automate the workflow process in your organisation. Or you probably got stuck trying to create a workflow process and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. A little guidance from an expert is all you needed to get out of this snag. So, as a part of the KiSSFLOW Community initiative, we partnered with Business Process Management Experts Red Badge Consulting and conducted a Webinar for you to understand Why You Should Automate Workflows (Watch the Webinar Video Here 

Why You Should Automate Workflows by Red Badge Consulting – A KiSSFLOW Community Initiative from KiSSFLOW

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Since a whole lot of you guys asked for the webinar content, we have the slides here for you. Don’t forget to share it, use #AutomateWorkflows and help your community!

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