7 Things that WILL go wrong when you run a Webinar

• Kissflow

So we recently had a Webinar, and as anyone who would have already run a Webinar would know it, The first person to signup was good old Murphy ! We were prepared for him, but good old Murphy really has his way around right!! So keeping up with the spirit of sharing,  here is a list of 7 things that would go wrong when you run a Webinar . Watch out for these common webinar mistakes and I am sure your Webinar will be Awesome !!

  1. Your Computers will crash at the last minute thanks to Windows. Oh, don’t even bother about Linux GoToMeeting will not even work there.
  2. So computers crashes, you are smart to switch to a backup and hell!! The presentation deck on the backup system will not be the latest one.
  3. Internet will be slow. Internet will not even work. Remember to buy your service provider a few beers on the day before the event, just in case…
  4. To add to your luck, exactly during the webinar your office space provider (TIDEL Park) will switch the power systems, the quality polycom phone you are using will shut-off without power.
  5. Your admin team was smart and they did anticipated this and add a UPS to the polycom phone line. However, they never check the battery on the UPS. Sigh!
  6. Microphones will go Kapoot, speakers might go pop, and then there is this horrible audio feedback that will relay a Neil Armstrong style “one small step for man”, 8 mins after you actually say it.
  7. Flash player will stall, and Java would want to update in the middle of your session.

Ah and one more thing!!

  1. You were smart enough to take precaution against all of it right ?! WRONG!! , If you are doing a demo you might want to check to have a stable version your app on your computer, chances of your junior most programmer checking in a small change that would crash the app is a lot more probable than you think. 500 Error. Damn It!!!