The Top 7 HR Processes You Should Automate


July 10th, 2016 HR Process  

Top 7 HR Processes You Should Automate from KiSSFLOW

Our conversations with KiSSFLOW users have shown that human resource teams find solutions to their problems in process automation. The following is a list of process automation solutions to the problems that HRs most commonly encounter. Don’t just read, automate!

Employee Information System

7. Employee Information System: 3 out of 5 HR teams benefit from employee information systems. Updated employee information systems help in making the best use of available human resources. Workflows streamline the information updating process through a maker-checker process, and reduce the chances of manual error or loss of data.

Performance Appraisal

6. Performance Appraisal Process: 90% of managers don’t have time to update employee performance records. Infrequent feedback from managers and the lack of effective metrics reflects as inaccurate data. Performance validation through approval cycles ensures systematic updating of records, and KPIs provide data-backed employee performance metrics.


5. Time Sheet Tracking: 15+ hours/month is the average time spent by managers sorting employee time sheets. Tracking and validating time sheets over spreadsheets is arduous and inefficient. Automating time sheet approval processes simplifies data collection, validation, and saves HRs the trouble of manually updating employee records.

4. New Employee Hiring Request: $8 per hour per employee is spent during hiring, and hiring is perpetual. Automating hiring requests puts an end to miscommunication between HRs and managers and provides a real-time view of the hiring process.


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3. Onboarding: The 2nd most automated process across HR departments. Automating workflows streamlines the onboarding process, improves communication and brings in accountability. Bringing process time down from 1 week to a few hours, automation ensures new hires are provisioned with the necessary equipment and access grants on time.


2. Offboarding: The #1 process to secure the loop holes in every organization. Automated workflows are a reliable platform to gather and process employee termination documents and supervise the return of access cards and equipment. organizations ensure terminated employees no longer collect wages and benefits by automating offboarding processes.

leave requests

1. Leave requests : 1 in every 2 HRs find automating leave requests compelling. Time-consuming heaps of leave requests and untraceable emails make it impossible to approve leave requests on time. HRs automate leave requests approvals through workflows and update employee leave records instantly. Approve; track and manage employee leaves on the go.

The need to streamline processes, enhance communication, track down tasks to completion, minimize errors and have the ability to foresee the course of their organization – all of these are served by automated workflows. Human resource professionals the world over have benefited from process automation – it’s time you do too.