Top 10 HR Apps that are Essential for Every HR Manager

Here Are the Top 10 HR Apps (You Might Want to Try)


January 8th, 2019 HR Process  

With the boom in HR software in the last decades, there are endless providers out there offering a range of features and functionalities. They all promise to minimize your HR workload, improve the accuracy and consistency of your HR data, and save you a ton of money along the way.

However, the truth of the matter is not so simple. HR suites that try to be all things to all businesses often fail. Seemingly every provider offers you the perfect way to manage your employee records, but can’t quite get to grips with (say) your onboarding process. You often invest a lot of time and money into a system that offers you a load of functionalities you don’t even use, which only gives you a few noticeable benefits across a few areas.

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That’s why you should consider ditching all-singing, all-dancing HR software systems, and instead look at building your own automated HR apps based on the actual applications you want to use. You can keep it as simple or as complex as you need, without overpaying for features you never needed in the first place.

Popular HR Apps That Can Be Automated

Though every organization’s needs differ, broadly speaking, there are ten top HR apps relating to the fundamental processes that the HR team would benefit from automation. Here’s a snapshot:

1. Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding app handles the tasks relating to a new employee joining an organization, such as generating their contract and offer documents and arranging their induction program. A generic HR software suite may be unable to handle the intricacies of company-specific processes, such as assigning particular contract clauses.

2. Employee Offboarding

You’ll also need an HR app that helps you to manage processes when an employee leaves, such as closing down IT accounts, reclaiming company property and finalizing salary payments.

3. Exit Interview

Collating data gathered from exit interviews and analyzing it can help an organization understand some of the most common reasons for employees leaving and take action to address these areas.

4. Employee Feedback

Using software to gather employee feedback can allow for better confidentiality, and support the line manager by delivering meaningful and pertinent feedback to their team members as part of the performance appraisal process.

5. Performance Review

Performance appraisal app is a useful way to help managers schedule appraisal meetings, log performance scores, ratings and feedback, and for the business to report on employee productivity and performance to support the salary review/bonus process.

6. Leave Management

Both managers and employees can use this leave management app to request and authorize leave quickly and easily, allowing for better workload management and slicker scheduling. This top HR app lets you customize the workflow and submission to suit your organization’s holiday and leave policy.

7. Timesheet Management

This HR app allows employees to submit timesheets for automated authorization by managers. A significant benefit of using an HR app for this purpose is that submission and approval can be done on the go to speed the process up even more.

8. New Hire Request

Managers can use an automated form to send HR details of new vacancies. Using the app’s form can lead to greater standardization of information, meaning fewer mistakes or requests for additional information between the parties.

9. Recruitment Automation

This HR app adds automation to the recruitment process by creating structured job descriptions and advertisements, shortlisting candidates via keyword management and tracking application and interview outcomes and data.

10. Training Management

Keep track of all of the training courses that your organization offers and use performance management outcomes and data to assign employees to relevant courses.

Move to an all-in-one HR cloud.

Four Steps to Create Your Own HR Apps

Once you’ve figured out which are the top HR apps that would make a difference to the HR processes in your company, here’s how you can build them yourself, without writing a line of code or overspending on an off-the-shelf solution.

1. Evaluate the Status Quo

First, map out what the current process looks like in each area, including the forms and documents that you use to collect, analyze or report on data across processes such as recruitment, performance management, and timesheets.  Make sure you use the expertise of employees who carry out these tasks on a daily basis and capture everything to build your workflows as accurately and realistically as possible.

2. Create Your Digital Workflow

Next, use a no-code hr workflow automation platform like Kissflow HR Cloud. Inside Kissflow HR Cloud, you can build forms and workflows with drag-and-drop tools to suit your needs. Making edits and tweaking fields and tasks is easy, and you can add automated data capturing and conditional tasks.

3. Set Up Master Datasets

Simply import your employee master data and other essential datasets you need to handle HR processes. You can store it inside Kissflow HR Cloud so that your processes can access the information and further speed up processing time and reduce manual errors.

4. Test, Test, Test

Once you’ve done the hard work of setting up your HR apps, conduct some live tests with sample groups. This is a smart way to pick up any bugs or issues and fix them before your hr tools go live with the wider HR team, line managers and employees. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to go live across your organization with your new suite of top HR apps!


While it can sometimes be tempting to choose a comprehensive HR suite to cover all of your anticipated needs and more, it makes much sense to build your own HR apps step by step. This helps you ensure that you only invest in the specific areas and HR processes that your business will benefit from, and that you have the flexibility to customize the HR apps to suit the forms, tasks, and processes unique to your HR team.

Sign-up for Kissflow’s HR Cloud free demo today and see how easy it is to build your own top HR apps!

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