The HR's Handbook to Ace Timesheet Approval Process

Take the Manual Problems Out of the Timesheet Approval Process

Neil Miller

December 3rd, 2018 HR Process  

Friday can only mean one of two things – either it’s payday or it’s timesheet day. One is a glorious notification that your account has been credited. The other is something a little more, well, manual.

Employees go to grab a timesheet from the office, only to find there aren’t any left – so they ask HR to give them some more. HR prints out one copy and then sends the intern to the copy room to make 100 copies. But someone from finance jammed the copier, so the intern has to walk around to find someone to fix it.

Finally, 100 copies show up and there is a mad rush to grab a sheet. Work lurches to a standstill as people reflect on their week. Did I come late Tuesday morning? Was my dentist appointment on Wednesday or Thursday?

At 4:45pm, everyone hands over their sheets to their managers for approvals. Managers quickly scan through everything as fast as they can since they are just as eager to get out the door as everyone else. They make a few squiggly marks on the sheets and pass them on to HR for processing, which doesn’t happen until the next week.

On Monday, the HR intern’s task is data entry and then he passes on the papers to Finance for payroll processing. But somewhere along the way, two sheets were lost, three were reported wrongly, and payday becomes complaint day as the office fills up with people who feel they were wronged.

Timesheet approval process automation

The timesheet management process is in desperate need of automation. With so much at stake and so many opportunities for errors, any kind of systematic workflow can brings a huge amount of relief to everyone.

Thankfully, an automated employee timesheet approval process is pretty easy to set up. You can create an electronic form that automatically populates information like name, department, reporting manager, and the start and end date.

Employees can easily input their data and overtime can be pulled out and calculated automatically.

Timesheet approval process flow

The workflow for a timesheet approval process is straightforward as well.

The first step is initiating the timesheet app by the employee and filling the work log before submitting it to the manager for approval. Once the manager approves the timesheet, it will be then forwarded to HR for review/approval and finally for payroll processing.

Timesheet Approvals

That’s it. Each employee can get a simple, no-nonsense result. No papers, no Timesheet Templates, no complaints, no lost time.

Approved! Effortless timesheet approvals using Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow has a lot of features that makes approving timesheet effortless. Here are few of the features you get when automating your Timesheets with Kissflow.

1. Multi-Level Timesheets

Using Kissflow you can create timesheet apps with multiple levels of approvals. For example, Once the employee submits the timesheet, there could be multiple approvals from their manager and HR in a single workflow.

2. Customizable templates

Kissflow HR Cloud comes with pre-built timesheet app but you can create your own app using Kissflow’s powerful workflow builder. Forumals, conditions, exceptions… Kissflow has it all.

3. Report generation

You can easily generate reports of all the timesheet records and process them for payroll.

4. Integration

You can integrate Kissflow HR Cloud with your existing HR tools and Payroll software.

5. Approvals on the go

Kissflow is a cloud-based HR tool so you can do your timesheet approvals on the go using our mobile app.

Try Kissflow HR Cloud today for a free demo and see how you can crush some chaos around the timesheet approval process.

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