Don’t Underestimate the Power of Recruitment Automation

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Recruitment Automation


January 16th, 2019 HR Process  

Recruitment is probably one of the most business-critical functions of your HR department. Recruitment involves sourcing and hiring new employees to fill vacant job positions in a company, and has a large number of sub-processes within it. Let’s take a look at what’s involved and find out how recruitment automation in your organization can lead to significant gains for your HR department and the business as a whole.

Recruitment Automation

Benefits of Recruitment Process Automation

Recruitment is one of those areas that isn’t just a tick-box exercise. It comprises a multitude of different tasks and processes. Many of these involve a variety of partners and stakeholders–from potential candidates to line managers and third-party providers, such as recruitment agencies and advertising companies.

Automating the recruitment process offers a host of benefits for your business. First, your HR team can quickly and efficiently target candidates who are best suited to your business. Automated processes also add consistency and quality to recruitment, so candidates and potential employees are more likely to be engaged with your organization from the outset of the recruitment experience.

But one of the most noticeable improvements of recruitment automation is the time-saving and ease of workload. Using automation software means there is less need to rely on outdated, manual processes.

Recruitment Processes That Can Be Improved by Automation

Almost every part of the recruitment process can benefit from automation. Here’s how:

1. Sourcing and selecting candidates

Recruitment automation software allows line managers and HR teams to work together to create and amend structured job specifications and adverts from templates quickly and easily. This allows the vacant positions to be advertised as soon as possible. It’s easy to draw up lists of mandatory and desired skills, qualifications, and experience that the candidate must have. The software can automatically screen applicants to filter out those who do not meet the criteria, so line managers don’t have to waste their time manually filtering applications from unsuitable candidates.

2. Applicant tracking and interview scheduling

Recruitment software can track the progress of candidates’ applications and even automatically place successful applicants into open interview slots, with the help of a pre-built scheduling module that is in sync with the schedule of all line managers. This is a great way to make the best use of time and fill up slots with candidates across a shorter period to allow more precise and more accurate comparison of their interview performance.

3. Offers

When the interviewer has chosen their desired candidate for the role following the interview, they should only need to update the HR system with this information. The system can then generate automatic offer letters, contracts, and other relevant documents for the successful candidate, as well as rejection letters for those who were unsuccessful.

4. Employee onboarding

The stage between making an offer of employment and the new hire’s first day is known as the employee onboarding phase. Automation can help with a number of activities like sending automatic welcome emails to employees, setting up IT access, and supporting line managers and HR with arranging induction and training programs.

The Most User-Friendly Recruitment Automation Tools

Kissflow HR Cloud offers a range of apps to support organizations with their HR tasks and processes. An automated recruitment application is the perfect way to add efficiency and automation to what is often a complicated and long-winded process.

Kissflow HR Cloud is a build-it-yourself (BIY) hr management system. This means you can effortlessly tailor it to suit your existing recruitment processes perfectly to create streamlined, standardized workflows. There are even enhanced functionalities that allow you to upload and store your company’s template documents, letters, contracts, etc. so they can be easily used as part of the workflows.

For example, using Kissflow’s HR Cloud advanced technology, you can design easy-to-follow workflows to track each of your job applicants, from initial application to interview or offer. This process gives line managers immediate information at a glance to help them fill their vacancies faster. Or, you have the option to create a personalized workflow to assign shortlisted candidates to interview slots, for maximum ease and convenience.

Benefit From Recruitment Automation With Kissflow HR Cloud

Recruitment can involve many challenging and lengthy activities for those responsible for it in an organization. Recruitment automation tools such as Kissflow HR Cloud can help you take the pain out of the process. Let Kissflow HR Cloud help you substitute manual, time-consuming tasks with automatic workflows. They not only make life easier for the HR team but also make the recruitment experience more professional and memorable for your candidates.