5 Best Performance Appraisal Tools that Simplifies Appraisal Process

How to Get the Best from Performance Appraisal Tools


June 24th, 2019 Performance Management  

The performance appraisal process in an organization can sometimes be unpopular with HR teams, line managers, and employees. Performance appraisals are often both time-consuming and fiddly, comprising a number of different activities that need to be manually completed. However, its potential to contribute positively towards overall business success makes it valuable for the company.

Let’s look at how performance appraisal tools can help make a difference in your organization.

What are performance appraisal tools?

A performance appraisal helps employees perform effectively in their role, coaching and motivating them to work enthusiastically and to be dedicated to the company. They also help businesses identify employees who are particularly skilled, and therefore create a plan for them to be nurtured, grown, and advanced within the company.

Performance appraisal tools can help your company fulfill these goals by automating many of the processes that form part of the performance appraisal system. This means line managers and HR teams can spend less time on the manual administration of performance appraisals and instead focus on more value-adding parts of the process, such as coaching, supporting, and training employees.

Features you should look for in performance appraisal tools

There are many performance appraisal systems out there to help simplify and streamline your performance appraisal process, but it’s crucial you take time to analyze the features and functionalities offered by each one to make sure they suit your needs.

Here are some examples of features performance appraisal tools can provide:

1. Performance scores and ratings

Another great feature of performance appraisal tools is the fact managers can collate and analyze performance scores and ratings across teams. This makes the process much simpler and more effective to highlight exceptional performance, as well as target poor performance in order to build future business success based on the most talented workforce.

2. Performance appraisal template and goal-setting sheets

Usually, the system has a built-in performance appraisal template and goal-setting sheets for managers and employees to fill out digitally to record their opinions and facts about past performance. You can often customize the existing one to reflect your own process. Both parties can then add their comments to this digital copy, and line managers can also request feedback from the employee’s peers and incorporate this feedback into their performance review effortlessly.

Popular performance appraisal tools

There are a variety of performance management systems and apps on the market, each offering different strengths and functionalities. Much depends on your organization’s unique situation and circumstances, such as what features you will depend on most, your business size, budget, and culture/style.

1. Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow HR Cloud offers users a range of ready-to-use HR apps, including an effective performance management app. The system also allows you to personalize the features of the performance appraisal tool so that its template forms and workflows match your current implementation process perfectly. Kissflow HR Cloud is an effective and fully scalable HR system that can be built around the needs of your business.

Performance appraisals: reimagined and updated

2. BambooHR

Small businesses may be well suited to BambooHR’s performance appraisal system. It offers more simplistic and easy-to-follow functionalities in an off-the-shelf format, with some scope for customization such as with the document templates and basic workflows.

3. Cake HR

Cake HR offers a complete HR solution with a special focus on performance for small and medium enterprises. With this tool, you can set company goals, assess the skills of your employees, check their performance history, and create individual development plans. The feedback review feature gives you the possibility to have 360-degree appraisals and monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews.

4. Zoho

In contrast, Zoho has an HR system that integrates with a number of its other applications, and could, therefore, be a good choice for larger organizations looking to achieve a good level of consistency across its business operations. They also offer new customers a free fifteen-day trial.

5. Cornerstone Performance

Cornerstone Performance is an employee-centric performance appraisal software. It encourages individuals to take the lead in their own performance management process; offering targeted development plans and goal setting templates within its easy-to-use system. This could suit organizations with a workforce that is quite autonomous and motivated.

Performance appraisal made simple

With so much choice in the performance appraisal tools market, it can be difficult to know where to begin when getting out there and trying to compile a shortlist of potential providers. Your first step should be to create a clear and decisive needs analysis of the current state of your organization’s performance appraisal process and where opportunities for improvements lie.

Involve a number of different stakeholders in the business in this process to make sure you get a representative overview. Armed with this information, you can target providers that have expertise in the areas you need the most.

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