Employee Review Forms - Automate Your Performance Evaluations

Employee Review Form

Evaluate employee performance efficiently

Paperless Employee Performance Review Forms Using Automation

Employee review forms formally analyze and document employee performance. These performance evaluation forms provide the necessary paper trail to support HR decisions like compensation, promotion, and more. Employee review forms allow organizations to revisit old performance review notes and analyze performance improvements from one review to the next.

Employee reviews let organizations identify star performers, spot skill gaps, and pinpoint performance trends easily. By using a standard employee review form for the evaluation process, employers can align individual performance with business goals. Online employee review forms help organizations keep accurate records of staff performance, ensure feedback quality, and enhance employee satisfaction.

To aid with your performance review process, we have created a performance appraisal system using which you can automate your performance review and appraisal forms in minutes.

Benefits of Automated Employee Performance Reviews

Identify Skill Gaps

Track employee performance, and spot areas of improvement to address with training and mentoring

Go Paperless

Use digital performance review forms to decrease administrative burden, paperwork, and the time required to finish the review

Ensure Security

Restrict access to confidential data using role-based permissions, conditional visibility, and audit trails

Improve Engagement

Enhance employee morale by identifying good performers during the evaluation period and recognizing them

Keep It Bias-Free

Make employee evaluations fair and transparent with tamper-proof, policy-compliant employee evaluations

Enhance Consistency

Improve the consistency of reviews with an automated workflow that sticks to pre-defined evaluation metrics

Simple Employee Review Form for a Stress-Free Employee Evaluation

Transform Your Employee Review Process With Kissflow HR Cloud

Quick Implementation

Shorten the implementation cycle with a cloud-based solution that flexes to meet your unique organizational needs

Real-Time Analytics

Obtain actionable insights on employee performance trends instantly with a visual-rich dashboard and data-driven reports

Customizable Workflow

Easily design a unique employee evaluation form with drag-and-drop form builders and visual workflows

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with other HR management tools to ensure rapid data exchanges and eliminate data redundancy

Automated Remainders

Keep stakeholders informed and up-to-date with automated emails, and help them complete employee reviews on time

Multi-Channel Access

Allow stakeholders to access the employee review forms from anywhere, at any time, and from any device

Design a Performance-Centric Employee Performance Review Form