Performance Review Templates Made Easy Using Kissflow HR Cloud

Employee Performance Review Template

Reimagine your Employee Performance Review process with automation

Paperless Performance Review Templates Using Automation

The Employee Performance Review identifies, measures, and improves performance by aligning it with your organization’s mission. Automation of performance review templates using a digital platform standardizes the tasks, reduces manual intervention, makes reviews more paperless and transparent, and decreases the time taken to complete a review.

Using KiSSFLOW, you can convert your performance review templates into apps that can be customized to fit the unique process in your organization or use our pre-built HR apps to help you automate your performance review process.

Align Employee Performance Reviews With Your Organizational Goals Using Automation

Find The Skill Gap

Obtain an accurate overview of your employees’ progress to pinpoint skill/performance gaps and quickly identify training requirements.

Do More With Less

Reduce routine administrative tasks and paperwork associated with performance reviews with an automated performance appraisal.

Keep It Secure

Maintain confidentiality by restricting access to privileged appraisal information with conditional visibility and role-based access.

Improve Morale

Promote employee job satisfaction by helping them understand strengths and weaknesses with a result-oriented performance review.

Ensure Fairness

Make your performance appraisal templates fair using a transparent, tamper-proof performance review process that comes with audit trails.

Improve Consistent

Improve the consistency of the performance appraisal process with an automated workflow that sticks to the prescribed appraisal metrics.

Simple Performance Review Templates for Stress-Free Performance Appraisals

Create a Performance-Driven Workplace With KiSSFLOW

Automated Reminders

Help managers and employees stay on track with automated emails, and help them complete the performance appraisal process on time.

Easy Implementation

Keep the implementation straightforward with a user-friendly, cloud-based platform free from traditional software setup hassles.

All-In-One Dashboard

Track the progress made by employees at a glance with an interactive dashboard that displays actionable insights as visual reports.

Simple Integration

Integrate effortlessly with the existing core HR management systems to enable rapid import/export data and reduce data redundancy.

Comprehensive Review

Set short/long term goals, revise objectives, monitor progress, collate data at every step, and review it to make better decisions.

Quick Customization

Create a performance review template that meets your business needs with a flexible low-code platform that adapts to your workflow.

Automate your Performance Review templates using Kissflow HR Cloud