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January 1st, 2019 HR Process  

Human resource management (HRM) process automation has been around for a while, but things have progressed farther than ever before over the past few years. Cloud-based apps and human resource planning solutions have helped HR professionals overcome many of the hindrances that they had to deal with in the past.

Cloud-based solutions will dominate 2019 and the years to come. Here are some interesting information on adopting HRM process automation and on how cloud-based HR solutions can help your company’s workforce management become more effective.

The Newest Automation Trends

HRM process automation via the use of cloud technologies is enjoying a lot of popularity today. Currently, the adoption of cloud-based HR software is growing faster than ever before.

Just like Gartner market report forecasted, cloud-based HR solutions represented 50 percent or more of all human resource planning tools in 2017. There’s a reason for this quick rate of adoption. Companies that have upgraded their HRM processes see a reduction in processing costs that reaches 22 percent per employee.

The trend is likely to continue in 2019 as well. According to an ISG report, 48 percent of HR professionals report that they want to modernize their HRM process in 2018 by replacing the current software with a cloud-based human resource planning and automation tool. Respondents in the survey also said that they wanted to replace their existing software altogether. Only 12 percent are interested in upgrading the current solution that they rely on rather than switching to a new one.

Most professionals who want to switch to a cloud-based solution report that the desire is driven by the HR department’s need for better functionality and more scalability. Often, on-premise software for human resource planning doesn’t come with such capabilities.

The report concludes that in five or more years, the vast majority of HR departments in the US will depend heavily on cloud-based solution as far as the automating the HRM process goes.

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Head to The Cloud

If we can conclude anything from the survey data above, 2019 and the immediate years after that will be marked by cloud-based human resource planning automation.

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits that automated HRM processes bring to the table. Human resource planning can be quite complex, and automation reduces the risk of human error while also enabling professionals to focus on the most challenging aspects of their job. Automation that is cloud-based takes the trend a step further and reveals new possibilities.

Web-based human resource planning apps brings various important advantages. Some of the most crucial benefits that they bring to the everyday HRM process are:

  • Easy access to human resource planning tools from any location via internet – the trend benefits companies that want to offer their professionals a bit of flexibility.
  • Effortless scalability: the HRM processes on cloud are can evolve together with the company’s growth (new apps can be added easily, storage capacity can be increased or decreased, new forms and workflow automation processes can be set up in the blink of an eye, etc.).
  • Elimination of paper clutter and waste – two very troublesome aspects of traditional human resource planning.
  • Improved employee retention and a higher level of productivity guaranteed by better human resource planning and 24/7 access to valuable data.
  • Higher level of information security, especially for sensitive corporate data.
  • Efficient integration with other solutions and software programs that the company relies on (e.g., integrating with a payroll software).
  • No expensive maintenance or need for upgrades, there are no add-on installation costs or the need for buying expensive hardware for support.
  • Compliance with archive creation and maintenance regulations.
  • Easy user experience, even for people who haven’t dealt with human resource planning software in the past.

With so many benefits that cloud software offer, it doesn’t cost a bomb for your company to update your human resource planning process. Cloud-based solutions like the ones offered by Kissflow HR Cloud are highly scalable, and companies will be paying solely for the number of users using the product. Kissflow HR Cloud comes with a 14-day, no commitment free trial so that HR professionals can test to see how the product can help them simplify their processes.

Cloud-based HRM Tools is the future because it is easy, cost-efficient, it allows access via multiple devices, and effortless integration with other solutions. If you haven’t made the switch yet, you’re losing money and your HR processes are far from optimal. The time is ripe to transition.

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