7 Features to Look-Out for Before Investing in a Time-Off Manager

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As 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025, organizations can no longer ignore the demands of these tech-savvy employees. What worked with their predecessors like baby boomers and Gen X will not work well with millennials. The workplace is evolving, and SMBs need to adapt quickly.

There was a time where organizations relied entirely on leave letters, emails, and spreadsheets to manage their employees’ leave requests. Now that the workforce has been invaded by millennials, these traditional time-off managers are pretty much useless. Because work was not what it used to be, and also because the net-generation employees look down on these traditional time-off management practices.

Work has progressed past a cubicled place and moved into space. The absence of communication barriers has created transparent workplaces. Antiquated 9-5 office timings no longer exist. Always-online millennials demand an ever-available office. This evolving work-culture raises the demand for organizations to rethink their time off management strategy.

You can create a millennial-friendly workplace using several options like flexible work timing, the remote working option, nap rooms, indoor sports centers, etc. While these options might not be feasible for every company, one trick will work for every organization out there: time off. Millennials value their time off, so proper time-off management will be an easy way to attract and retain them and using technology like a time-off management software is the best way to achieve this.

Challenges in time-off management

Spreadsheets used to be HR’s best friend. When teams were relatively small and processes were being sketched out, spreadsheets seemed user-friendly and flexible. But as teams expanded, managing employee leave data, and synchronizing it with payroll, became a difficult task. As a result, spreadsheets started multiplying. So did their complexity and challenges in time-off management.

Now, most HR teams waste away their valuable time in data entry, editing, verifying, and managing these digital data cell caves. Additionally, too many communication channels (SMS, email, call, etc.) make the leave management process a nightmare. These inefficiencies result in complex, nerve-wracking, and mind-numbing calculations that make HR staff abhor the very word ‘payday’.

Features to look for in a time-off manager

Here are some of the features you need to look for when choosing your time-off manager to automate your time-off management process.

1. Set a leave policy – Display and codify compliance with your company’s policy

2. Automate leave requests – Remove manual intervention wherever it isn’t strictly required

3. Automate leave approvals – Let rule-based automation take over approvals

4. Paid Time-off tracking – Get access anytime to leave records and employee-specific time-off history

5. Comprehensive reports – Choose the parameters and metrics you need for detailed custom reports

6. Leave management on the go – With mobile capability, apply for and approve leaves from anywhere

7. Integration with other HR apps – Kissflow HR Cloud is designed to integrate easily with other HR tools you use

Time-off management horror stories

Jason Shoumaker, former facilities director at the University of Texas tampered his time sheets to look like he was reporting to work every day when he was actually traveling to lavish vacation destinations.

Nearly 500 U.S based organizations like Walmart, FedEx, Walt Disney etc. paid $8.8 billion for 1200 wage-violation lawsuits filed as a result of discrepancies in time management during the period Jan 2000 – May 2018.

Time-off manager to the rescue

A time-off manager software is a sleek application that automates the time-off management process, end to end. The new-age time-off tracker offers an employee the liberty to initiate, track, and monitor time-off requests easily from their mobile device. Managers can approve/deny time-off requests and check employee leave balances without navigating through a maze of spreadsheets.

The entire time-off management process becomes transparent and more efficient through just these simple applications. A robust time-off manager will eliminate paper-trails, reduce manual intervention, ensure legal compliance, and offer real-time data. However, it will also raise the need for data reconciliation that leads to inefficiencies and manual errors.

Is there no way to remove these inefficiencies once and for all? Yes, there is a way. Time-Off Automation. And no, you don’t have to install top-of-the-line gadgets or robots to achieve it.

Automating your time-off management process

Automating HR processes is no longer a daunting task, nor does it demand an array of IT warriors to handle it. HR automation tools allow business users like HR managers to create their own application without any coding. Their simple drag-and-drop interface allows HR leaders to create a powerful time-off management app in a short time.

Since these sleek time-off managers operate on a cloud-based platform, there is no need to manage an on-premise database. And what’s even better is that you can seamlessly integrate these time-off managers with your existing HR management tools.

Did you know?

OrthoSensor automated their time-off management process end-to-end with Kissflow HR Cloud and offered their employees the freedom to take paid time-offs (PTOs) easily without disrupting the workload.

Popular online time-off managers

If you’re looking to automate your time-off management process, there are some of the popular time-off managers you need to consider. Most of these tools are HR management platforms which can help you automate more than just leave management.

Create your time-off manager with Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow’s HR Cloud time-off management software simplifies all the steps involved in a time-off process: initiation, approval, tracking, and auditing. In addition to eliminating complexities in the leave management system, Kissflow HR Cloud integrates seamlessly with other HR management modules and an organization’s calendar, keeping all stakeholders in the loop.

Make your organization a millennial-friendly workplace with Kissflow HR Cloud. Time-off management automation is the future–get on board with a free demo and see for yourself!

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