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Online Leave Management System – Create your own Leave Management App in 15 Minutes

Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

August 2nd, 2018 leave management  

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What’s the simplest yet most crucial HR process which takes up a significant amount of your HR department’s time? Leave Management. What is so complicated about a leave approval process? Isn’t it straightforward? Not really.

Once managers receive a leave request, they need to evaluate an employee’s eligibility, check for compliance with leave policies, ensure sufficient staffing for the day, and arrive on a decision which doesn’t impact employee satisfaction.

Well, it wouldn’t be so bad in an imaginary world where all employees turn up for work everyday. The real world is packed with last-minute sick calls and impromptu holiday requests. Now, just add in overflowing spreadsheets, multiple request channels, and a dash of manual intervention to the mix, you’ll end up with a jumbled up process. But how do you untangle it?

In today’s technological era, straightening out the knots in your employee leave management process doesn’t have to be time-intensive or hassling. Modern online leave management system can help you remove the friction in the process and make it practically run itself through automation.

Automate Your Online Leave Management In 7 Steps

If you’re new to HR workflow automation, the thought of automating a complicated process like leave management can sound daunting. But, the truth is, you can create a tailor-made management process in a short span of time using a custom HR software.

While there are several ready-to-use leave management app options available on the market, choosing an online leave management system like KiSSFLOW will give you the power to create a process to cater to your unique PTO policy.

Organizations like Orthosensor, Inc use KiSSFLOW to create a reliable leave management app to help them run their business smoothly. These automated leave management apps reduce emails, tone down the confusion and maintain better records. Here’s how you can develop an efficient leave management system in seven simple steps using KiSSFLOW.

1: Create Your Own Leave Management App

The first step of the process is to create a digital form. You can either create it from scratch or install our pre-designed leave management app.The digital form collects all necessary data like basic employee information, leave type, reason, requested dates, and can even attach files (like a doctor’s prescription or medical certificate).

You can make the form simple or extensive based on your needs. Once the form is ready, you can start enhancing its efficiency. Make your leave management app do anything from auto capturing employee information from their account credentials to creating a table which lets your employees bundle up multiple days in a single request.

2: Configure the Approval Workflow

Once you’ve fine-tuned the form, integrate your leave management workflow. You can create a one-step approval or resort to a longer workflow where the request is first approved by the manager, later reviewed by an HR staff, and finally passed on the payroll team for processing.

All stakeholders receive a notification (email or mobile) requesting them to quickly review and verify the data. The participants have the option to approve, send back, or comment on the request.

3: Configure a Pre-Decided List of Holidays

To stop wasting time on verifying an existing holiday, organizations can use the list feature in the KiSSFLOW app. Using this feature, you can create a list of approved holidays which will be displayed to employees in a drop-down list.

It’ll reduce the time spent by employees searching around for the exact date. Additionally, you can level up the application by creating similar lists for employee department, type of leave, and so on.

4: Set Approval Reminders and Access

Every step in the workflow is considered a task. Input tasks collect information or allow the specific person to edit/modify the information in a form, whereas an approval task requires the stakeholder to just review the form.

For the employee who initiates the request, it will be an input task. For the manager who’s doing the evaluation and the HR who reviews the request will both receive an approval task. To keep the process on track, you can set deadlines and reminders to urge participants to take action.

5: Track Available and Used Leaves

To quicken decision making, you can display an employee’s leave history (used leaves, balance, overtime, etc.) right in your digital form. All you need to do is to link your form with the master leave database and the field will fetch the necessary leave information automatically based on the unique employee identification field.

What’s great is, it’s not just restricted to read-only access and data display. Once a leave is successfully approved, the existing data field will be modified to show the updated leave balance.

6: Create and Export Reports

Our built-in reporting engine creates interactive, visually-rich reports with the available leave information. You can easily create reports for employees or an organization-wide report to identify leave patterns and unlock data-driven insights. Once you create a report, it doesn’t have to remain within KiSSFLOW’s online leave management system; you can export/import reports in a jiffy.

7: Integrate With Timesheets and Other HR Apps

To keep your online leave management system transparent and streamlined, you can connect KiSSFLOW with your HR management software for payroll, timesheet, etc. Through API integration, you can enable seamless data transfer across your HR applications.  

With KiSSFLOW’s seamless integration capabilities, you can prevent data silos, remove manual data reconciliation, reduce payroll errors, and keep the process consistent and transparent throughout.


Research’s reveal that a poor leave management process can cost organizations 20.9% to 22.1% of their payroll. Bad time-off practices don’t just affect employee performance and morale; it can also influence project deliverables. So, you need to take charge of your time-off process.

An online leave management software created using KiSSFLOW can save management time, decrease payroll errors, eliminate human intervention, remove paperwork, and streamline your entire leave management process. Its cloud-based nature makes it hassle-free.

Several world-famous organizations use KiSSFLOW’s leave management app to automate their leave process. The customizable nature and drag-and-drop visual builders in KiSSFLOW lets business users without an ounce of technical expertise build workflow apps like a professional developer.

Ditch your emails and give KiSSFLOW a spin today! See how easy it is to create your own online leave management app in less than 15 mins. Try it for free.