Is Automating Your Recruiting Process the Right Fit?


January 29th, 2016 HR Process  

Your recruitment agency started off with a bang, but when yet another candidate fails to stick, you wonder what is going wrong. Thinking about how much time and effort it took to get the candidate in that seat only to have him quit within a week makes you question how your internal processes are working and what is missing.

Here are some automation tips to help you put together a complete automated recruiting process from beginning to end.

“We’ve got a position we need filled.”

Everything starts with good information. When a client calls you up with their Recruitment Specs, you want to make sure you get all the information you need and don’t miss out on anything. Unfortunately, these documents aren’t usually standardized and can differ from client to client and employee to employee.

Designing the right form to kickstart your automated workflow gets you exactly the information you need from the client who is often too busy and forgets important details. Including your client in the workflow helps you reach out to them with questions that they can respond to with the proper context.

Use Your A-Team Every Time

In the recruitment industry, people tend to show exceptional gifts in finding a few specialized roles. They build a good network of contacts and really excel with those roles. Instead of having one person find both IT workers and HR generalists, you can direct all the new requests to a central approver who can then assign roles based on the job description rather than the client. Your workflow continues to run smoothly without missing a beat.

Don’t Miss A Step

When your process is written out on a paper sheet or tracked in a spreadsheet, you never know when a step will be missed. There are several parts of the vetting process that you need to make sure happen or else you are set back several days. In your workflow, include all the essential steps like background checks, reference checks, and interviews. You never want to have a client question why a certain basic step wasn’t completed.

Placed is as Good as Paid For?

You’ve found the right person and closed the requirement. The candidate is happy and so is the client. The only one who isn’t happy is your finance team because you haven’t been paid yet. Your workflow can to go all the way through to invoicing and collection. Once a position is filled, your automated workflow can go directly to your finance team who raises an invoice the same day. Get rid of unnecessary manual candidate tracking, email exchanges and invoices that have to be redone.

As long as there are cubicles there will always be people wanting to move in and out of them. Recruitment agencies play an important role in helping companies and individuals meet each other’s needs. Automating the recruiting process can save time and money for everyone involved. Don’t lose out – give your recruitment firm a lean makeover by trying out KiSSFLOW’s free 7 day trial a go today!