Here’s How a Human Resource Management App Can Help Your Business

Manish Nepal

January 30th, 2018 HR Process  

As an HR Manager, you face a huge task of managing a vast amount of information for numerous people, depending on how big or small your company is. In the constantly evolving digital age, you can improve productivity by automating your workflow process. There are several different varieties of human resource management apps you can incorporate into your daily routine to save time and money. These apps can help your HR system run smoothly, and you can access all the information you need from your mobile device, so there’s no need for you to sit at your desk to finish your work.

You can now free up your time and your office by getting rid of huge stacks of paper in your cabinets that hold employee records. By implementing human resource management apps into your HR system, you can track information like payroll, employee leave requests, travel reimbursements, and benefits.

If you’re unsure on what functions to use with an HR management app, here’s a list of the few that most HR managers need to keep their processes running smoothly:

  1. Employee information system – Streamline your human resource department by adding an automated system to track all employee information and keep it in one central location. All HR data, once uploaded, will go through a check and balance process, and you don’t have to be worried about losing data or mistakes made by manual entries. The system automatically and routinely backs up data.
  2. New staff hiring request – It takes money to hire employees, and most companies recruit new staff regularly. Using human resource management apps allow an HR department and hiring managers to set clear goals about what they’re looking for in applicants, so there are no misunderstandings. The HR system will also enable both entities to monitor the interview and application process in real-time.
  3. Employee onboarding – An automated system allows you to onboard new hires and equip them with everything they need to complete the necessary formalities and begin their employment. The HR department can send all forms digitally instead of through post to minimize the time it takes for the candidates to finish the process. This also prevents any and all documents from getting lost in transit.
  4. Employee offboarding – You can use the HR system to process and record all employee terminations. The HR department can conduct an exit interview, the finance department can ensure that departing employees are delisted from the payroll database, while the managers can supervise the handing over of company equipment and key cards. A human resource management app helps your business create a seamless offboarding experience and give a lasting impression to the employees about to leave your company.
  5. Timesheet processing – Imagine being able to cut down on hours of the time your managers spend going through time sheets and verifying employee hours. Adopting a human resource management app lets you track and monitor the data you need to process your payroll without having to manually enter all the data. Your managers can also approve timesheets for payroll without needing to look through it all manually.
  6. Time off requests – Approving time off for your employees can be cumbersome if you have to do everything on paper. For one, you can easily lose the time off requests that come to your desk on paper. If you’re doing it through email, it’s easy to lose track of a request in the sea of mails that bombard your inbox everyday. An automated HR system allows you to streamline the requests on priority basis, keep track of the process, and approve or reject them on time. You can also use the app to verify if an employee has enough leave balance to qualify for leave.
  7. Performance reviews – As part of their jobs, team managers have many duties they need to complete. Updating employee performance reviews doesn’t really rank high on their daily priorities. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not important.
    With a human resource management app, the HR department can nudge the managers to wedge in performance reviews in their schedule so that it happens on time and with due diligence.

Your business can benefit a lot from adopting a well thought-out human resource management app It simplifies your the everyday work for the HR department and frees up managers to focus on bigger things. This way, you can build a strong foundation of a workplace that is free of paper clutter, human errors, and inefficient processes. All aspects of your HR department runs smoothly, and you can rest easy knowing all documents are safe, secured, and regularly backed up in a digital repository.

It is time for you to move your HR system into the digital age and invest in a human resource management app you can use to meet the needs of your company.