4 Ways Technology Will Eat Up More of HR in 2019 – HR Trends

Jeremy Francis

May 14th, 2018 HR Process  

The bots are coming! The bots are coming!

And they’re here to lend a helping hand. As more and more companies embrace technology in their HR departments, the very landscape of HR is changing for the better. Here are 4 instances where you can see HR and tech walking hand in hand!


Big Data Lends a Hand

Given that HR has gained an important role in crucial business strategies, it’s easy to see why big data would play a role.

Bernard Marr—author of the book ‘Data-Driven HR’—says HR employees are sitting on a data gold mine: recruitment data, career progression data, training data, absenteeism figures, productivity data, personal development reviews, competency profiles, and staff satisfaction data.

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An Outmatch survey has discovered that 63% of organizations surveyed were tapping into big data and analytics technology to improve employee selection and retention. Other things the same survey found?

  • 95% of HR execs believed that predicting on-the-job success and performance would be a major help.
  • 91% said that their organizations considered the HR departments crucial to keeping things profitable and successful.

Technology in HR Programs

As the physical and digital worlds merge into one hybrid version, HR is embracing all kinds of tech advances: bots, AI (Artificial Intelligence), blockchain, and immersive experiences through Augmented Reality (AR).

Gartner has reported on this tech invasion into businesses, predicting that every app, tool, or service will involve some form of artificial intelligence.

Given that platforms like KiSSFLOW offer API integration with a host of 3rd party software solutions, you can see how easily this can be done. The trend of tech in HR has been around for a while—even for us at KiSSFLOW, our leave requests app is one of the top client requests.

Flexible Work Schedules, and a More Accommodating Workplace

Not every employee is built using the same building blocks, and the HR industry has observed this. Even in 2018, people analytics was quite the hot topic in the HR space.

Studying employees around the world, HR thought leaders are re-shaping the modern workplace into one that focuses on the employee experience. And flexible work timings are a core part of this shift—India’s $51-bn Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has embraced this idea.

The Workforce Moves Out of the Office!

Yes, you read that right!

It’s not only those ‘cool creative types’ wielding their shiny Macs and thick-rimmed hipster glasses who get to work out of cafés! Things like VPN technology—which let employees work from outside of the physical office without any data security threat—have made this possible.

In fact, 37% of employees in the US are already working at least partially through telecommunication.

What this means for HR—higher employee satisfaction rates, the ability to recruit candidates without geographical limitations, and better employee retention rates as people are better equipped to decide their work-life balance.

It’s great to see tech contributing to HR, but it’s also important to stay on top of all these advancements. Given how much they’re changing the very face of HR, this is a get-on-or-get-out-of-the-way situation!

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