Onboarding Workflow - Automate Your Employee Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding Workflow – Automating Employee Onboading Checklist

Neil Miller

January 16th, 2019 employee onboarding  

Employee Onboarding Workflow

Human resources department stands directly in the line of fire at the competitive business battleground. Here, organizations fight tooth and nail to secure their most valuable resources— skilled workforce. But, the war for talent doesn’t end after successful hiring and HR can’t discard their armour just yet. They have one more battle to win: onboarding.

Lousy onboarding practices can jeopardize all the hard work that went into recruitment. As per a recent SHRM report, an effective onboarding can retain 69% employees upto three years. To create a structured onboarding program you need to streamline your onboarding workflow and onboarding checklist.

However, manual onboarding solutions can make the process tedious and time-consuming. So many things happen behind the scenes when an employee reports to work on their first day. Several organizations have trouble in being ready for the arrival of a new employee, this is where onboarding checklists and workflow come into play.

Here’s all you need to do know before you standardize your onboarding process.

What Is an Onboarding Workflow?

Onboarding workflow is the moving parts of an onboarding process. An Employee onboarding workflow is what keeps information flowing from one department to another and brings all stakeholders up to speed on their respective role in the onboarding process. Everything from the input tasks to the approvals that make the onboarding process smooth is a part of the onboarding workflow.

As onboarding is filled with multiple checkpoints and input/approval tasks, it is difficult to ensure that no step is skipped or missed. So, most organizations have a handy onboarding checklist to keep track of tasks that need to be completed. However, you can’t rely on a paper-based checklist and email reminders to keep things organized.

Emails can get lost in the inbox flood and paper forms can be misplaced. Sticking to archaic practices in the age of technology, can make your tech-savvy new hires vary right on their first day. Companies can address all their onboarding hurdles by embracing automation. Automation onboarding checklists can eliminate process silos and act as a catalyst for employee retention.

Why Automate New Employee Onboarding Checklist in the Onboarding Workflow?

Wouldn’t you be impressed if an organization is well-prepared for your arrival the minute you walk through the door on your first day at work? Manual onboarding might seem easy to handle but as an organization grows in size, things start to go downhill. It becomes nearly impossible to offer the same onboarding experience to all new hires.

Making a jittery new hire hassle from one department to another to complete their onboarding process will do more harm than good. Let’s not forget the HR staff. They burn out all their energy in keeping everything organized during onboarding. Paper pushing and manual workflow management will only add to their administrative burden.

An automated workflow will pass on the onboarding application from one stakeholder to another automatically obtaining all approvals. Automated checklist ensures that everything sticks to the pre-defined process flow and nothing falls through the cracks.

Sample Employee Onboarding Checklist

An onboarding workflow automation tool such as KiSSFLOW allows you to turn a paper-based checklist into an onboarding app and automate your onboarding process in minutes. Let’s look at a sample new employee onboarding checklist:

  • Add personal employee information to an organizational database (name, address, contact)
  • Add the employee to organizational chart (role, manager, department, start date, location)
  • Set a reminder for birthday and work anniversary
  • Send a welcome note (Include a company swag)
  • Have the IT department create a new email address for the employee
  • Add their email address to appropriate email lists
  • Learn what resources (hardware, software, mobile phone, apps) they would need
  • Create a new salary account for the employee (order debit/credit cards)
  • Ensure IT team has their system and access keys ready (password, wifi access)
  • Request the admin to allot a cabin and access cards
  • Get approval from the finance team for resource allotment
  • Set up meetings with relevant departments (IT, Finance, HR, etc)
  • Schedule required training (technology or general)

An onboarding workflow automation software will convert your employee onboarding checklist into live workflows which assigns right tasks and the right time to the right people while ensuring that nothing is overlooked. Workflow automation tools like KiSSFLOW offers the same amazing onboarding experience to every new employee.

Employee Onboarding Workflow Automation

As you look at the sample new employee onboarding checklist, you will probably see things you would add, remove, or change that reflect the unique personality of your company. Does your CEO want to include a handwritten note to all new hires? Do you have a special get-to-know-you lunch in the first week?

These are great ideas, but you often miss to do that because your onboarding software doesn’t have functionalities to automate informal or unique onboarding needs. Choosing a customizable workflow automation tool like KiSSFLOW will let you tweak the onboarding workflow to fit your business needs.

KiSSFLOW gives you all the flexibility you need to create your own unique signature experience to impress your new hires. And best of all, you don’t need coding expertise to automate your onboarding workflow. The only thing every user needs is an email address. Try it free for 14-day and see how it easy it is to create an automated employee onboarding.

Automate Your Employee Onboarding Checklists in 3 Steps

HR’s can now automate your employee onboarding checklists in minutes using KiSSFLOW. You can install the pre-defined onboarding app or create your own employee onboarding app following these simple steps.

Step 1: Create Your Employee Onboarding Checklist Template
onborading checklist

Create the onboarding template with the list of action items that needs to be completed by different departments including HR, L&D, Admin etc. You can use KiSSFLOW’s powerful drag-and-drop features to build your own form.

Step 2: Define the Onboarding Workflow
Onboarding workflow

Once the checklist is created, define the approval for each step of the workflow.

Step 3: Publish the App

Once the approvals are defined, publish the app. You’ve now successfully automated your employee onboarding checklists in minutes.

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