Employee Onboarding Tools Every HR Should Use


September 25th, 2017 employee onboarding  

Automated Employee Onboarding Tools

Over the last two decades, technology has utterly decimated everything we knew about the world and how we work. Every industry and department has been affected by the sudden onrush of technology, with automation tools being one of the major elements that’s innovation.

When it comes to HR, regardless of your industry, one of the most difficult and time-consuming processes is the dreaded onboarding process. Fortunately, there are automated employee onboarding software and onboarding tools can take some of the onboarding process strain off of the already-overworked HR team. For example:

Videos and Playlists

While it’s not a face to face way of conducting an onboarding process, a playlist of videos can be the perfect onboarding tool, as it is a great way to get the info-dump out of the way. Any new hire can learn about the company’s values, vision, and history with a well-made video, and may even convince them from the get-go that the company they signed with is more than just a paycheck at the end of every month.

Videos can take a huge load of stress out of any HR department. Not only will you be able to teach a new hire everything there is to know about the company in just a few minutes, but you’ll also be able to easily keep track of everything the new hire knows and doesn’t know, by sitting them down in front of a video.

Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems (LMS) are lifesavers for HR departments around the world. One of the most important onboarding tools ever since the first LMS jumped on the scene, this software can teach your new hire the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to company policies, in a way that will keep them interested and entertained.

As one of the best employee onboarding tools out there, a learning management system can either be customized to specifically educate your new hire on everything there is to know about your company, or it can simply act as a refresher course on how to act and conduct oneself when in a professional workspace. While a learning management system specifically tailored to your company can cost much more than a pre-made one, the value it would add as one of your available onboarding tools would be immeasurable.

Digital Forms

What’s one of the most frustrating parts of handling the onboarding process in a company where the turnover rate is above average? Constantly dealing with the paperwork. Any new hire requires his own fresh stack of forms that need to be prepared, signed, and filed away, never to be seen again. Organizing and keeping track of these files is almost like running your own library.

And that’s where digital forms come in. There are a multitude of apps these days that act as the perfect onboarding tools. By automating the process of preparing and storing important documents, no longer will you have to dig through mountains of file cabinets to prepare a simple onboarding process.

Big Data

Back in the day, HR departments that cared about improving the onboarding process would be forced to go through dozens if not hundreds of feedback forms from new hires detailing what they liked and disliked about the experience. Collecting, compiling, and analyzing all of this information required hours and hours of labor, before you could ever get to the part where you can figure out how to make the onboarding process experience more effective.

But these days, companies can use specific onboarding tools in big data and analytics software to help them collect feedback and analyze that feedback in just moments. With tons of feedback laid out for you in moments (in a process that would have previously taken days of manual labor), big data systems are some of the best employee onboarding tools available on the market.

Automation Platform

When it comes to onboarding tools, the unique and innovative automation platform is perhaps the most complete and holistic onboarding tool any HR department can equip themselves with. Automation platforms like KiSSFLOW handle every aspect of the onboarding process, turning a once-complex and laborious system that drained resources from HR into a streamlined, one-step process that requires nothing more than KiSSFLOW’s all-access platform.

Recognizing the importance of technology and the ways it will shape the future of HR can prepare any department into the inevitable transition to a semi or fully automated employee onboarding process.

However, this complete onboarding automation won’t leave HR personnel without jobs; rather, it will free up their time, allowing them to focus their energy on more important and immediate tasks to better help the company. Instead of shying away from the onboarding tools now available to you and your team, it would be ideal to begin integrating them now. Free your hours with automation, and save yourself the stress of that next round of employee onboarding.