How Efficient Is Your Employee Onboarding Process?


September 5th, 2017 employee onboarding  

The employee onboarding process can be one of the trickiest things any HR department has to deal with. Why? Because HR departments design themselves to run like a well-oiled machine: every piece and component has a seamless function, and all issues are dealt with according to the book. HR teams are built off of preparation, yet the onboarding process is something they can’t exactly prepare for.

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Employee Onboarding Process

While any competent HR department will have as many plans and strategies in place to make the onboarding process flow smoothly, the reality is you can’t prepare for the human element. The human element throws a spanner in the works, preventing a seamless onboarding process and forcing spontaneous improvisation. This can lead to a number of common mistakes, testing the efficiency (or lack thereof) of your employee onboarding process. Does your department suffer these common problems in your new employee onboarding process?

Problem: The employee understands his job, but he doesn’t understand what it truly means to be a part of the company. Sure, after your onboarding process, this brilliant new hire can tell you everything he needs to know when it comes to his role in the company, but does that really make him “one of us”?

How can you make someone really understand what it means to be part of the team when it’s his first day or first week on the job? If you’re still waiting for Time to solve all of your problems, then your employee onboarding process could use some work.

Solution: Add some humanistic values to your onboarding process. Show the new hire what it means to represent the company’s brand and logo. Introduce the values and history of the company (and try not to be generic about it). If you have the time, introduce the new hire to his future team and get them to integrate him. The employee onboarding process has to treat the new hire not just as an employee, but as a person.

Problem: The new hire is getting too much or not enough information during the onboarding process. Does this sound familiar? An over enthusiastic and bored HR department often times has the tendency to either put too much in the initial presentations during the new hire onboarding process or not enough.

Frankly, it’s a case of complacency more than anything else; an HR department that isn’t truly interested in the onboarding process will resort to the easiest solution: a PowerPoint presentation, and either overload it or under load it with irrelevant and pointless information about the company that the new hire has no chance of remembering as soon as the onboarding process ends.

Solution: Demand creativity, from yourself and your team. Don’t fall into the routine of slacking off and repeating the same old PowerPoint for every employee onboarding process you conduct. Find a little about the new hire and come up with unique solutions with your team as to how you can present the information in a more memorable and less repetitive way. The onboarding process is the first experience that will shape a new hire’s initial impressions of a company; it’s your job to make sure those impressions aren’t negative.

Problem: Too many people have to be involved in the onboarding process and it’s difficult for you to keep track of everything. No onboarding process can get away with just a presentation from the HR department and nothing else. There are various other onboarding process steps that require the direct participation of representatives from finance and payroll, IT, security, upper management, and possibly more, depending on the industry of your company.

And when you’re handling more than one HR onboarding process at a time, the onboarding process steps can become forgotten in the rush of everything. Even with a checklist, you may have trouble keeping track of everything you’ve done, everything you still need to do, and all the people who have to be contacted, scheduled with, and met. The toughest part? No one is going to help. If you end up letting the entire thing crash and burn, no one will be blamed but you.

Solution: Get yourself some help, with a proven and trusted onboarding automation platform like KiSSFLOW. An automation platform is exactly what you need to keep yourself updated with all the tasks left in every HR onboarding process you conduct. Programs like KiSSFLOW are professionally designed to keep the onboarding process flow as smoothly as possible, easing up your time and stress so that you can focus more on the new hire himself.

So ask yourself: how efficient is your employee onboarding process? Do you suffer any (or all) of these problems? With an automation platform like KiSSFLOW, you equip yourself with some of the best specialized technology to help with a process that has hounded HR departments around the world for decades.

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