Your Guide to Deliver an Onboarding Experience, Not just a Process

Paperless Employee Onboarding Form and Template

Streamline the employee onboarding process with automation

What Are Employee Onboarding Forms?


Employee onboarding forms are the paperwork that is used to collect data about new hires. Documents like benefits administration, employee information (personal and professional), employee contract, and background verification, etc. that are a part of the employee onboarding process are considered to be employee onboarding forms.

Paperless Employee Onboarding Forms Automation

Employee onboarding is the process of introducing new employees to the organization’s environment and helping them settle down. Often, it is the first real interaction new hires have with their organization. A good onboarding experience can leave a positive impression, increase employee satisfaction, and improve retention.

Whether your employee onboarding lasts for a day or stretches to 18 months, you can turn it into a competitive advantage with handy checklists and templates. Automation makes it easy to create onboarding forms and templates. Automated onboarding forms and templates allow you to separate tasks accordingly with proper labels, with the ability to sort things out in real-time. No mess, no clutter.

Perks of Automating Your Onboarding Forms and Onboarding Templates

Go Green

Use online onboarding form, digital checklists, and automated workflows to reduce administrative work and make onboarding paper-free.

Limit Errors

Keep onboarding error-free with accurate information, proper documentation, and structured workflows.

Cut Costs

Minimize administrative expenses and make onboarding pocket-friendly by eliminating paperwork and manual interventions.

Lower Risk

Leverage cloud storage and role-based access to mitigate risk and ensure legal/policy compliance continually.

Save Time

Speed up onboarding process with a streamlined workflow that reduces clerical HR tasks, human errors, and time-to-productivity.

Leave A Mark

Create a memorable onboarding experience for new hires with a paperless, personalized onboarding process.

Why Use Kissflow To Automate Your Employee Onboarding Forms?

Drag and Drop Design

Create a high-quality onboarding application at the click of a button using advanced drag-and-drop tools and a visual form builder.

Effortless Integration

Connect seamlessly with HRMS, payroll systems, and more using pre-built modules for automated account creation and management.

Employee Self-Service

Use a cloud-based self-service system to help employees complete onboarding form on their own and settle down quickly.

Centralized Storage

Store new hire documentation on a cloud-based database for easy accessibility, unmatched flexibility, and enhanced security.

Pre-Built Templates

Simplify onboarding with pre-defined template form which outline and automate the complete business logic for the onboarding lifecycle.

Interactive Dashboard

Gain visibility with dashboards that offer real-time, role-based status updates for all stakeholders in the onboarding process.

Automate employee onboarding using Kissflow HR Cloud