Need for an Employee Onboarding App in the Onboarding Process

Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

September 8th, 2017 employee onboarding  

Tradition dictates that organizations begin the employee onboarding process once a new hire enters the office on his/her first day of employment. The anxious new hires are surprised and shocked at the heap of paperwork that welcomes them on their first day–not quite the epic welcome they were expecting.

The time-consuming and tedious process only makes their first day miserable.

Since there is no second chance to leave a good first impression; it is essential to offer new hires a structured, paperless employee onboarding. You don’t need an expensive technological solution to make onboarding paperless. A simple employee onboarding app can automate repetitive steps, reduce paperwork, and streamline the process.

Here’s how technology can make onboarding efficient and paperless with limited resources.

The Need for Technology in the Onboarding Process

No matter how hard you work to woo a new hire, failing to meet their first expectations will make things counterproductive. Nearly 4% of new hires quit after a bad first day. What makes your new hires skip out so early? Dissatisfaction and disengagement. Here are some steps in traditional onboarding that tick off new hires:

  • Too much paperwork and legal documentation to fill out

  • Long wait for the document approval and verification

  • Unavailability of managers and team due to miscommunication

  • Failure to allot resources like workstation, access cards, etc. on time

  • Lack of proper follow up from the HR staff

  • The endless loop of emails and people

One look at the reasons will show us that the root cause behind all these problems is process gaps in the onboarding workflow. HR technology products can bridge the gap between people and data to create a smooth onboarding experience. In addition to eliminating process silos, they act as a catalyst for employee satisfaction and retention.

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Features of an Efficient Onboarding App

Organizations can solve onboarding hurdles by leveraging the power of cloud HR technology. Cloud-based HR tools can set employees up for success from day one, offering the tools and resources they need to be successful.

Additionally, cloud platforms are flexible enough to grow with the organization and ensure a consistent onboarding process at all times. However, choosing the right software is a great challenge. Before deciding on onboarding software, it is best to compare the list of features and benefits offered by every solution.

Here are eight features that you need to look for in an employee onboarding software:

Hassle-Free Installation

Cloud software removes installation hassles and helps organizations implement an onboarding solution in a short amount of time. Organizations only need to purchase a subscription and login to start using the onboarding app.

Employee Self-Service

Applications with self-service portals help employees complete onboarding paperwork easily. This feature not only improves engagement but also eliminates the hefty sum associated with printing new hire paperwork.

Pre-Built Templates

Robust onboarding tools come with an extensive range of onboarding templates that outline and automate the lifecycle end-to-end. These templates are designed based on industry-wide best practices. With just a few customizations, they can meet unique business needs.

Effortless Accessibility

Storing new-hire documentation on the cloud allows stakeholders to access it remotely and securely over the internet at any time from any device. This makes it convenient for the new hire and other stakeholders to update and verify employee information.

Interactive Dashboards

Intuitive onboarding software including interactive dashboards will offer organizations in-depth insights to make quicker and better-informed decisions. Employers can get the latest updated onboarding status at a glance.

Easy Customizations

User-friendly HR automation tools allow organizations to create an advanced onboarding tools with drag-and-drop simplicity. A user-friendly solution will help HR staff tailor-make an onboarding application on their own without having to depend on IT staff.

Seamless Integration

Good onboarding solutions connect seamlessly with HRMS, payroll, and other HR tools. The information captured during onboarding is used to create a unique profile in the employee database. These tools use API integrations to reduce manual intervention and prevent errors.

Automated Workflow

An automated employee onboarding app collects employee information, stores it in a cloud database, and automatically routes the paperwork through a predefined workflow. This reduces the turn-around time of the process and hastens decision making.

Automate Your Onboarding Process Using KiSSFLOW’s Employee Onboarding App

Cloud HR Management Softwares are suitable for both SMBs and enterprises. Organizations get the flexibility to scale up or down according to business needs. KiSSFLOW allows HR staff to create a dynamic employee onboarding process using HR workflow automation.

Automating the onboarding process with KiSSFLOW is easier than most organizations assume. Even business users like HR staff who don’t have any coding expertise can create an employee onboarding app in four simple steps:


Create an App
Onboarding app

Create an employee onboarding from scratch using a drag-and-drop visual form builder. or modify an existing template.

Customize It
Customize onboarding app

Tweak data fields on a digital form, link this to a master database, and customize the workflow to meet your business needs.

Track Progress
Onboarding workflow

Keep an eye on the progress of a new hire onboarding request real-time using automated validations, balance update, and one-click visual reports.

Publish App

Publish the app and share it with all stakeholders to put a stopper on constant paper shuffling, email races, and spreadsheet hunts.

And… TADA! Your employee onboarding application is ready-to-use!


Customizable HR tools like KiSSFLOW offer an easy-to-use, cost-effective alternative to paperwork without compromising features and usability. With KiSSFLOW, organizations can deploy an efficient onboarding system without going into the trouble of developing a brand-new solution.

Automating onboarding tools will walk new hires through each step of the process, ensure compliance with policy, and prevent common errors. Additionally, KiSSFLOW will bring your new hires up to speed in a short span of time. With less time spent on paperwork, new hires can spend more time to understand the workplace culture, explore the office, and make new friends.  

In search of a perfect tool to simplify your employee onboarding process? Give KiSSFLOW a try and see if it meets your unique business needs–Sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Impress Your New-Hires with 's Employee Onboarding App

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