Onboarding Like You Always Wanted

Make your new hire’s first day memorable with a customized,
orchestrated, and automated onboarding process.

Install the Onboarding App

KiSSFLOW comes with more than 50 app templates, including many HR-specific processes. Simply install the app to your account and then you can customize the form, fields, and tasks in the workflow to your needs.

Get Employee Data

Starting a new onboarding in a single click. No more paper forms or checklists. New hires enter their details ONE TIME, and all departments can all use the same data to complete their systems and tasks.

Validate and Approve

Hiring managers can review information, validate details, and approve data as it goes from department to department. Everyone stays in the loop and the HR team can monitor the progress of every onboarding.

Admin, IT, and Finance

Instead of a marathon of paper forms, departments use existing data to ensure new hires are connected to your systems and have all the tools they need such as email accounts, access keys, and direct deposit details.

Make your next onboarding automatic!

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