Customizable, Effective and Paperless Exit Interview Checklist Template

Manish Nepal

December 30th, 2017 Employee Offboarding  

Some classics become better with the passage of time. Other things, however, don’t age particularly well. This is true for traditional business processes. The standard employee exit interview checklist is no exception.

Exit interviews provide employers an opportunity to learn about the biggest issues that make people quit. When exit interviews aren’t tailored to the specific needs of the organization, they fail to live up to their purpose.

Paper-Based Exit Interviews Often Run Into Trouble

There are few common reasons why the standard exit interview checklist fails. The first problem area is the lack of customization.

Many HR departments carry out exit interviews for the sake of protocol. This attitude reflects clearly if you look at the exit interview checklist template at most companies. Many of the questions included in the interview are clichés, or they aren’t really thought out well to understand the core reasons behind employees’ motive to quit. As a result, the data collected doesn’t hold a meaningful value to it.

Paper-based employee exit interview checklist templates are also very inefficient and they take forever to complete. Many employees, especially when they are at the brink of leaving a company, are not willing to put in the efforts to answer questions thoughtfully and with an aim to help the HR department understand the gravity of the situation.

This reduces your chances of getting valuable information that you can use to improve the employee retention rate. Additionally, manually sifting through the paper forms demand long hours and daunting labor from the HR professionals which lead to human errors.

Here’s How To Create a Great Exit Interview Checklist

Your organization’s exit interview checklist gives you a chance to analyze the reasons behind employees’ exodus. But often times, exit interviews can turn into heated arguments because the HR people use this session to grill deserting employees with all kind of interrogative questions, while the latter groups see it as an opportunity to vent out their pent up emotions.

When such situations become a concern, you can conduct exit interviews en masse and give people the mask of anonymity.

Here are a few more tips for you to create an effective exit interview checklist template:

  • Include only relevant questions that double down on finding out why people are leaving the company.
  • Include industry-specific questions, but tailor them to fit your organization’s goals and requirements.
  • Assure participants that their identities will be kept confidential and responses will be taken objectively, and not against them.
  • Use a good workflow automation tool, preferably built on cloud, to schedule interviews.
  • Create a customizable form in the automated app to make sure you can change the interview checklist if and when needed.

Don’t Settle for Mediocrity

When you digitize a process as crucial as creating a customizable exit interview checklist, you lay a strong foundation of automation and pave way for intelligence to the process. A cloud-based app can do wonders to design a flawless exit interview checklist and allows extra room for the HR department to adjust the process as per the changes in your organization’s priorities.

Automating the process ensures consistency and ease of processing. An automated exit interview app can backup data on a digital platform, make it easily accessible for the stakeholders to fetch information in the future, and give important insights on how to further improve the process.

If interpersonal exit interviews are problematic for your HR to carry out, you can use an automated exit interview checklist form to overcome the awkwardness that arise during the face-to-face sessions. Also, employees are more likely to articulate their thoughts honestly when they are given the power to remain anonymous, a feature that you can configure with an automated exit interview app. These features can be invaluable to create a comfortable and trustworthy environment around your company’s exit interviews and leave a lasting impression on the minds of departing employees.

An employee exit interview checklist is a simple formality to record employees’ opinions and experiences about their tenure. Paper-based employee exit interview checklists are archaic in this approach and complicate the process rather than simplifying this goal.

On the other hand, an automated app tackles the obstacles associated with an exit interview checklist forms and allows you additional benefits like analyzing the data and getting into the bottom of the problem, i.e., why people leave.

When looking for a solution that can automate your exit interview process, choose something that offers effortless integration. The tool shouldn’t be something that will require your business departments to rely heavily on IT. Contemplate an automated app platform like KiSSFLOW that offers ready-to-use exit interview app that comes with easy-to-use interface, pre-integration with major platforms, and a no-nonsense pricing.

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