Automate Your Employee Exit Interview Template & Forms

Employee Exit Interview Template Form

Eliminate Paper-based templates and simplify employee exit interview templates and forms with workflow automation

Paperless Exit Interviews Templates Using Automation

Exit interviews play a crucial role in the employee offboarding process. These wrap-up conversations reveal the true reasons behind employee turnover, and offer in-depth insights into how to reduce them.

You can standardize the process with employee exit interview template and forms, but managing each step manually is tedious and time-consuming. A digital, automated employee exit interview template form is ideal for all organizations, regardless of size or industry.

What is an Exit Interview Template?

An exit interview template is a standard set of questions and procedures that help organizations ensure they gather all the right information and ease the administrative burden on the HR team, while keeping the process consistent and minimize missteps. Templates may contain exit interview checklists, questionnaires, and more.

Reasons to use Exit Interview Forms

Exit interview forms are important to get insights into employee retention and engagement since they provide accurate data. Exit interview templates makes sure that the exit interviews are structured, meaningful and productive. A good exit interview form helps HR department to

  • Discover flaws in current management policies
  • Reveals patterns in employee resignations
  • Highlight opportunities available for employee development
  • Offer employees the opportunity to share constructive criticism
  • Provide insights to improve your recruiting, onboarding, and training process
  • Detect opportunities for improvement in your organization’s culture

Automate Your Exit Interview Template Forms for Long-Term Benefits


Streamline exit interviews with online forms, digital checklists, customizable exit interview templates, and real-time analytics


Manage fluctuating data volumes with cloud-based databases equipped to meet evolving business needs.


Cut down costs with a transparent pricing model that offers the liberty to pay-as-you-use without lock-in periods


Conduct standard automated exit interviews that are executed through a predefined workflow with perfect accuracy.

Time Saving

Without searching for paper forms or following up on missed tasks, exit interviews can be quick and complete


Use report templates that can be integrated into the operational database to set up a constant flow of insights.

Sample Employee Exit Interview Template Form

Why Use Kissflow HR Cloud for Your Employee Exit Interview Template Forms?


A sleek, easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop features lets you create or modify an app in minutes

Seamless Integration

Eliminate data silos and promote transparency through easy integration with Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) or other third-party apps to share information

Hassle-Free Installation

KiSSFLOW on the cloud removes the hassles of installation and the grievances of software maintenance

Real-Time Analytics

A robust reporting module retrieves real-time actionable insights with customizable report templates

Configurable Workflow

Connect your digital forms to an automated approval workflow for a streamlined exit interview process

Multi-Channel Access

Stakeholders can take action and access records or reports from anywhere at any time with a secure sign in

Automate Exit Interview Templates and Exit Interview Forms With Kissflow HR Cloud