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Automate Your Employee Feedback Forms Using KiSSFLOW

Tap into employees’ thoughts with automated feedback surveys

Paperless Employee Feedback Forms Using Automation

Employee feedback surveys help organizations measure employee satisfaction and gather new ideas. Honest, unsolicited feedback can pinpoint problems in company culture or policies, and highlight opportunities for improvement. Done properly, feedback can improve employee engagement and unlock valuable insights.

Automating your employee feedback form means more and better data to improve retention and satisfaction.

Why Use Employee Feedback Form to Measure Engagement?

Acquire Insights

Determining employee satisfaction using feedback surveys unlocks insights on everything from retention to performance.

Improve Morale

Demonstrating that management is receptive to feedback and the opinions of its employees inspires trust within the workforce.

Identify Problems

Collecting honest feedback and analyzing it uncovers lingering problems that result in employee attrition.

Boost Productivity

Showcasing the employer’s commitment to their employees by acting on feedback motivates employees to work hard.

Find Oppurtunities

Evaluating collected feedback helps management identify areas that need improvement (e.g. culture, policy, and managers).

Reduce Turnover

Conducting and documenting feedback surveys helps organizations understand what might have made key employees leave.

Hand-Picked Employee Feedback Forms and Templates for Engaging Surveys

KiSSFLOW – The Key to Building an Open and Transparent Workforce

Effortless Design

Design employee feedback forms easily with a drag-and-drop tool that offers an array of options, including checkboxes and conditional fields.

Insights At A Glance

Make informed business decisions using informative dashboards that transform data into insightful, easy-to-read visual reports.

Easy Documentation

Design surveys and store responses automatically on the cloud database to track, view, and retrieve information when required.

Compare & Analyze

Track trends by collecting employee feedback over time and benchmarking them against industry standards and internal results.

On-The-Go Access

Stay connected to your data. Create, view, edit, and respond to feedback surveys from anywhere, at any time, and on any device

Real-Time Results

Obtain and organize employee feedback effortlessly to generate real-time reports that deliver actionable results instantly.

Automate your Employee Feedback forms Using KiSSFLOW In Minutes

Automate your Employee Feedback forms Using KiSSFLOW In Minutes