Choosing A Travel Expense System: The Pro’s Guide


December 7th, 2018 travel management  

Your new sales rep just came back after a 10-day trip with a wallet full of barely visible receipts. He staples them to the back of a hand-written form and drops it into a receipt collection box. It gets to the manager’s table and its contents are piled upon stacks of hundred other receipts. Meanwhile, finance is up in arms to get the approved reports to close the books for the month.

If this scene has ever unfolded in your office and you knew there had to be an easier way, an automated travel management system might be for you.

What Is a Travel Expense System?

A travel expense system is a portal where all employees can submit travel expenses and claim reimbursements. The system helps identify expenses that don’t comply with the organization’s travel policy, making it easy for managers and the finance team to approve or reject a claim.

Once the claims are approved, the system categorizes the expenses and the employee gets reimbursed.

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Travel Expense System?

The problem with a conventional pen-and-paper system is that it’s prone to human errors, expense frauds, an exhaustive paper trail, and travel reimbursements that take weeks to get to the employee’s bank account. Most of this comes back to the manual nature; there’s a need for human intervention, right from submitting expense reports to identifying non-compliant claims to reimbursing employees.

To escape this drudgery, you need a fool-proof, automated system that takes care of the entire travel request process, right from submitting expense reports to processing reimbursements.

Things to Look For in a Travel Expense System

It’s easy to get distracted with lots of bells and whistles from a travel expense management system. However, it’s best to focus on what you need. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to a travel expense system. However, you do need something that:

  • is easy to use
  • supports multiple users
  • accommodates your approval hierarchies
  • ensures travel policies are adhered to
  • is accessible from everywhere
  • grows as you scale
  • helps you cut down on costs with insightful reports

How Can KiSSFLOW Help You With Travel Expense Management?

Instead of trying out and evaluating multiple solutions to find the perfect system, you can leverage the power of workflows to automate travel expense system. A good place to start is the pre-installed apps inside KiSSFLOW, which you can use to set up your processes. Use the travel request app so employees can submit their travel information online with minimum inputs.

Once an employee submits a request, you get to decide the approval hierarchy. The direct manager is usually the one who approves the request. And perhaps you want to add an approval from the Head of Finance if the reimbursement exceeds $2,000.

Based on the policies you have defined, the system helps you identify expenses that don’t comply with your travel policies. By limiting the manual work, you can increase efficiency and expedite reimbursements.

See How Automation Can Help You

Managing dates, minimizing costs, ensuring compliance, and handling payments are some of the problems you can face when employees start making business trips. Manually processing receipts can be a huge pitfall for businesses as even something as an extra digit can be a costly mistake.

There are plenty of dedicated travel expense systems that help you make the entire process a breeze. With KiSSFLOW, you can not only eliminate the chaos but also ensure that you have total control over the travel expense management process.

Looking for an Ideal Travel Expense System?

Create One with KiSSFLOW. No Coding.